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Winter 2020 Interior Design Trends

Winter is the season we often associate with spending more time at home and inside… which makes it a great opportunity to rethink your interior design ideas! Whether you’re looking for small design tweaks to add a hint of coziness and holiday warmth to your house, or you’re inspired to take on a bigger project to liven up your home for the coming months, winter is the perfect chance for you to spruce up your surroundings.

Winter Greenery

Let’s face it: winter can be a little dreary at times. Thankfully, plants and pops of greenery in your home can go a long way to adding a sense of liveliness to your surroundings. Whether you tend to lean toward creating a wintry tablespace with traditional pinecones and fir, or prefer to have plenty of tropical-like plants around your living room to keep you in a sunnier vibe, there are many ways to freshen up your home with enlivening (and mood-lifting) greenery.

Winter 2020 Interior Design Trends in Kitchen Greenery

Modern Metallic Colors

Though bright holiday colors have their time and place in every home, a trend popping up on everyone’s radar this season is rooms decorated in modern metallic colors. Think hues of silver, copper, charcoal, and bronze adding an elegant bit of lightness to your living areas—and to the darker winter days.

Winter 2020 Interior Design Trends in Living Room Metallic Colors

Beautiful Rugs

Cozy is always a design theme one can get onboard with during winter, and beautiful rugs and carpets are the perfect solution for when the need to nest kicks in. A new plush carpet can be the ideal place to curl up with the dog—or a good book. And, of course, hardwood floors are always an elegant look, too, especially with beautiful, different-sized carpets spread across. Your feet will stay warm, and, bonus—the house will look cozy and stylish.

Winter 2020 Interior Design Trends Rugs

Marvelous Mantelpieces

If you’re lucky enough to have a fireplace or mantelpiece in your home, it can be a wonderful place to center your winter design ideas around. You can use your fireplace or mantelpiece as the focal point of the room, displaying cards, switching in a piece of more seasonally focused art, adding a row of tea lights … the possibilities are endless. And speaking of decorating mantelpieces…

Winter 2020 Interior Candles

Candle Mania

Who can forget about candles? During the winter season, a group of inviting candles are a great addition to almost any room in your home. Whether you decide you want to go full-throttle on the seasonal themed scents—or maybe you prefer the more subtle, unscented candle route—a smattering of lit candles spread throughout your house adds a warm and cozy vibe to any room you happen to place them in.

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