With only six employees, two passionate brothers, Roy Schweiker and Malcolm Schweiker started the Franklin Tile Company in 1923 in Lansdale, Pennsylvania. Known for being early innovators, the company revolutionized the tile industry by developing advanced tile manufacturing processes and creating classic, casual and trendy tiles.

    In 1959, through a series of mergers and acquisitions, the Franklin Tile Company became American Olean. Holding true to the brothers’ core values, American Olean continued to innovate and deliver unsurpassed customer service to its commercial and residential clients. As they strive to keep exceeding the needs of our loyal customers, retailers, designers, architects and builders they celebrate their commitment to quality by being the trusted choice in tile and by providing stylish, dependable products that are unmatched in the marketplace. Now a part of Mohawk Industries, American Olean has been a leader in high-quality, durable floor and wall tiles for almost a century, and remains passionate about providing excellent products. True to our innovative roots and our dedication to trade professionals, American Olean is indeed Proven In Tile.


 Over 98% of American Olean’s manufactured products contain qualifying recycled materials, thus minimizing the use of raw materials to the greatest extent possible.

   Since they use so many natural materials in our products, it's no wonder that one of our most important initiatives is their dedication to preventing adding solid wastes to landfills. The total amount of wastes diverted from landfills over the last five years, because of our process operations, is over 1.3 billion pounds. That is 250 million pounds every year. They accomplished this through three different practices:


Utilizing by products that other companies have discarded

  Reusing our manufacturing waste. Recycling most solid materials that cannot be reused. Each year, over 65 million pounds of fired tile wastes that cannot be used to make new tile products are recycled into state-approved Beneficial Reuse Products. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) defines “Beneficial Reuse” as repurposing would-be wastes into a valuable commodity. For example, one of the major components of our floor tile products is a byproduct of a process that makes roofing materials. Since this byproduct was formerly disposed of as waste and qualifies as a Beneficial Reuse Product, American Olean has helped prevent more than 175 million pounds of waste per year from collecting in our nation's landfills.






American Olean is the proven leader when it comes to tile technology and innovation. They take great pride in manufacturing products that are trusted and reliable in residential or commercial settings. Their dedication to delivering quality products our customers is unmatched and they strive to continuously innovate and create stylish, timeless designs. American Olean’s manufacturing facilities are fully-equipped with modern manufacturing technology including hi-tech printing and scanning machinery as well as advanced tools.




Reviews and Testimonials






   “I have now owned my tile in my bathroom for 5 years. I love how it looks, and especially how it fits into my home. The tiles still look like the day we got them, and they still look amazing. I have no complaints about them except for one. The tiles don't really fit around my bathtub, so everytime you use it water escapes onto the floor. I realize that cualking it more would work, however I feel the tiles would still not really fit against it. After five years, I have never had to replace or repair the tiles and I am grateful for that fact. After five years, and never having a horrible complaint or having to replace/repair said tiles, I would definetly buy the brand again, and recommend them to a friend. I should think people should have these in their homes and they would be very grateful as well.”




   “I have had this tile for about 1 year not, and let me tell you that this can handle anything you bring it. We have this tile in our kitchen and dining room and with my toddler thing get thrown on it like toys, plates, cups and so on and nothing has ever happened to it. It is very durable, doesn't get to cold so when you walk on it barefoot you are not freezing and it was very easy to install.”