Bruce Hardwood

Bruce Hardwood

Bruce is one of the older brands in the industry. They have produced flooring for over 100 years and use hardwoods sourced from the Appalachian Mountains. In our review of Bruce Hardwood flooring, we’re going to cover their collections and give you an idea of what to expect from the company in regards to quality, colors, and price.

One of the simplest ways to get a look at Bruce is to browse their site. As they only carry hardwood flooring and accessories to care for your floors, things are easy to navigate. The company has a variety of guides that can help you find the right type of hardwood flooring from your home, and their selection of flooring includes over 300 styles.

While you can find other brands under their umbrella like Capella, HomerWood, and LM Flooring, we’re going to focus on the company’s line of solid and engineered products. At this time, that includes a number of domestic species that are harvested and manufactured into flooring at their plants in the United States.

The Bruce Solid hardwood collection is massive with around 190 products. There are shades ranging from White to Beige and five types of domestic woods to choose from. The majority of their solid hardwood flooring lineup consists of Red Oak or White Oak, but Maple and Hickory are options in some collections as well.






As for those collections, there are 17 to choose from, although the differences aren’t evident from one to the next. They will play a part in the pricing however, but it’s best to browse their solid flooring by species, look, or color. You can also sort through a series of specifications like thickness or gloss, depending on your needs. All of Bruce’s solid hardwood flooring styles are made in the USA.

The number of engineered flooring options from Bruce is also vast, but there are some considerable differences aside from how these boards are made. With 149 options spanning 15 collections, there is a shade and species for everyone. Oak is still the clear leader along with Hickory and Maple, but Walnut, Birch, and Cherry are options as well.

In terms of sizes, there aren’t quite as many widths or thicknesses compared to other manufacturers. The standards are all there, however, so you can choose from 3/8” or 7/16” wide planks with engineered boards or 5/16” and ¾” with solid flooring. You’ll find a larger variety of wider styles with engineered flooring, whereas the solid series has a lot of strip planks that are less than 3” wide.


"Great flooring"
We love our Bruce flooring called Plank. Everyone that comes into our home always tels us how beautiful our floors look. we have had the flooring installed years ago and it still looks great ! Thanks "Bruce

"I love my hardwood floors."
I purchased Bruce Engineered Oak Hardwood Flooring Strip and Plank E146 from lowes a year ago when I started renovating my dining room. I only needed to do my dining room so I only needed one box of hardwood flooring. So I went with this one. I liked all the available patterns. They really had all the colors you could possibly think of. I love this hardwood flooring. It was very simple to install. It doesnt scratch and is super easy to clean. It is also very sturdy and doesnt get dirty easily.