Founded in 2002, Eleganza Tiles, Inc. is a leading distributor of Ceramic and Porcelain tiles in North America. Our extensive product line ranges from residential to commercial use and offers a wide array of possibilities that help homeowners, designers, architects, and builders alike bring their ideas to life. Whether you are looking to add a sense of sophistication, natural or elegance, Eleganza Tiles broad selection of tiles for residential and commercial use offer a wide array of options to inspire homeowners, designers, architects, and builders alike and to bring their real expression and creative energy to life.





Eleganza is never short on coming up with new products to inspire all. One of their latest collections is the Metal Max. Metal Max tiles are concrete inspired porcelain tiles that offers an elegant and clean cut look. It will add a look of sophistication to any space indoor or outdoor. Metal Max tiles features an anti-slip R11 coating which and is available in three attractive colors such as light grey, medium grey and dark grey in a 24×48 size tile.







The Lava series picks up the all around traits of concrete and presents them in an HD Ink Jet porcelain tile. Lava tiles offers a delicate array of colored hues that makes it easily blend into any decor. Lava is available in a 16×32 size in a semi-polished finish and is useable for any residential or commercial purpose.

Also in the last collection of amazing tiles is the Acacia 2.0 which is a beautiful interpretation of an exotic wood in an HD Ink Jet glazed ceramic tile. The natural characteristic of blended colors of wood conveys sophistication to both residential and commercial spaces. This tile comes in three truly beautiful colors of wood like the driftwood, natural and saddle. It is available in a 6×24 size.

Create a stunning look in any room with the look of oxidized metal. Metal Oxide by Eleganza Tiles exhibits the furbish of oxidizing metal with dynamic detail in four valiant colors. The Metal Oxide tiles are in a 24×48 size for both commercial and residential use.

Porcelain Tiles



“Eleganza is truly the very best store for my remodeling project.  Top of the line tile selections and absolutely amazing customer service.  Wendha, Jennifer and Susan have been so very friendly and helpful making suggestions for what we need for a small tiling project for our fireplace.  Even with a very small purchase, they have been so patiently helping us to make the best choice.  We love the quality of the tiles they offer and the customer service is beyond excellence.  Truly wonderful.  Will definitely go back for my next big project remodeling entire house.”


“I had the best tiles shopping experience with that company, good prices, exquisite quality products and friendly service.“