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   With the headquarters in Gainesville, Florida, LW flooring opened in 2007 and from then on has committed to provide quality flooring at an affordable price. The company prides itself in offering premium quality products through an environmentally friendly production process. Their corporate philosophy embraces social responsibility and that their Eco-Friendly product design utilizes sustainable materials. They offer 8 collections to choose from, 5 of them being Engineered Hardwood and 2 being Vinyl Planks.




   The Engineered Hardwood collections provide several sizes and models to choose from. Starting with the 10” planks of the Paradise Island collection, they come in 3 different colors of wire brushed European white oak: Bali, Fiji and Tahiti. The exotic names match the cream-colored blush of the wood, giving them an elegant feel. Next comes the Vintage Elegance collection. With 2 types of wood to choose from, European white oak and American hickory, you can find quality 5” and 8” planks, also having a wide pallet of colors to choose from. Moving on, we can look at the Renaissance collection. It comes in different types of finishes: polyurethane, uv oil and natural oil. They are all European white oak with different shades of white and brown, coming in 1” and 2” planks. The Sonoma Valley collection has the biggest variety of types of wood. You can choose from American Hickory, European white oak, hard maple, American walnut and acacia wood.


The collection has a big range of colors, some of the wood being wire brushed, some being smooth and even some being hand scraped. The last collection of the engineered hardwood is the Traditions collection. It’s diversity in colors add a very nice touch to each model. Coming in 3” and 8” planks, you have 3 types of wood to choose from: American hickory, birch and acacia.


 SPC Vinyl  WPC Vinyl

The Riverside collection provides quality WPC (wood plastic composite) engineered vinyl planks, made of white oak and hickory. Every model has its own touch and shade of color while all being waterproof. Matching the first vinyl collection, the Riverstone collection is also waterproof. In this selection you’ll find SPC (stone plastic core) vinyl planks in different types of colors and 3 types of wood: white oak, acacia and hickory. All the models from both vinyl collections come in 9” planks.


Finishing techniques and treatments are a great way for flooring manufacturers to make their clients look more realistic. There are several ways they go about this, and LW flooring uses a few of the most popular methods on most of their planks. From the styles we checked, 90% of them were wire-brushed or hand-scraped. With finishes, there are two options with a UV oil finish and a natural oil finish.


Durability can be a tricky thing to gauge with engineered flooring. Quality is always important, but you also must consider the species of wood. With LW’s engineered hardwood flooring, you can find a Janka rating for each species and style, which is a great way to get a good idea about a floor's durability. Another indicator of durability with engineered flooring would be the warranty, and all the products we checked had a lifetime structural warranty. Some had a 50-year finish warranty listed as well.

Customer reviews


LW employees go above and beyond to make sure their customers are satisfied. We have a great partnership with them and appreciate the quality of their product and service. Our customers are always happy with all of their flooring that we sell.

By Sam Xin

Lw flooring offer variety of quality floor choices. Excellent services.