Regal Hardwoods is a U.S.-based flooring company that produces high-end engineered wood floors. They also have vinyl plank flooring in natural wood designs. Rustic, decorative accents, like fireplace mantels and beams make up their Reclaimed Antique Beams collection. As far as engineered hardwood flooring goes, Regal appears to have a superior and highly durable product. Whereas many engineered hardwood floors have a “soft wood” core layer, Regals’ floors have a hardwood core layer made of Birch. This makes it extra strong and less susceptible to expansion and contraction in changing humidity. We know this is a major issue with traditional hardwood floors.


Regal boasts many engineered hardwood flooring collections including Curator, Final Touch, Elements, New England, American Backroads, Olde Time Luxe, On The 9ine, Walla Walla Valley, Su Vino and Havana.

The Curator collection is small, but classic in look and feel. The collection is designed to match the look of real hand-scraped Hickory floors. It has oversized 7-inch wide planks that come in four colors.

Similar in design is the Final Touch collection. These 5-inch wide planks were designed to highlight the look of wire-brushed Hickory in six modern colors like Ash Gray and Pewter.

The Elements collection features lightly hand-scraped birch wood looks. This provides for a very bright, clean and modern floor. Conversely, the New England collection features five shades of classic browns that mimic the look of what you might find in a historic building somewhere in the Eastern Seaboard.

Similarly, the American Backroads collection features planks of varying lengths and widths. With a very rustic, worn-in look in three colors, each  has interesting and wide color and grain variations.


The Olde Time Luxe collection features reclaimed, distressed woods with knots, cracks and wearing. This wood gives the floors a timeless, historic appeal. The On The 9ine, Walla Walla Valley and Su Vino all feature colors and textures that are far more modern and refined.

All in all, these are floors are beautiful, but many of the colors are repeated, and the color selection is somewhat limited. However, they offer colors that seem the most desirable and sought after choices.  They adhere to today’s color and style preferences.

To provide a natural, classic hardwood floor look, Regal offers planks that vary in lengths from 1.5 ft. to 7 ft. These longer and varied board lengths will visually elongate the room by providing fewer joints and less visual clutter.

They have two proprietary finishes, depending on the flooring collection you select. The Titanium ScuffGARD finish uses nano-technology that provides rugged and durable, yet transparent wear protection. It resists scuffing and maintains the floor’s beauty year after year. The finish requires minimal maintenance, and very little refinishing – making it a time-saver as well as a damage deterrent.




The service was amazing! They found me an additional rebate which was nice. My floor was delivered during a snow storm and I was alone. They offered to have the delivery be scheduled for another day. The product is exactly as promised. Thank you!!


Extremely satisfied with Regal Floor Coverings. Their customer service was exceptional. I had a couple issues with the 3rd party shipper but CW was amazing in his communication, support and holding them accountable to make sure the product arrived on time. I recommend them without reservation.