Tarkett Group leadership is the result of 140 years of flooring experience, thanks to the talent, values and commitment of generations of entrepreneurs. Initially known as Allibert and Sommer, the company’s story begins with the ideas, energy and commitment of its founding entrepreneurs.

Here is their Story:

Tarkett develops, manufactures and sells one of the broadest products portfolio in the industry and addresses diversified commercial and residential end-markets. The Group benefits from a very balanced geographical footprint that offers both resilience and opportunities. Tarkett laminate is a popular laminate brand with two distribution methods. Some lines are sold exclusively at Menards home improvement stores. The other lines are sold by a wide range of online and bricks & mortar stores.


The rustic/traditional style features images of wider planks, knots in the wood and plenty of character. It has a hand-sewn appearance.

The contemporary/modern looks in Walnut and Oak show narrower, “cleaner” planks without knots but with rich, open wood grain.

The planks are 8mm thick and do not have pad attached. The AC3 rating is suitable for residential installation but not commercial (AC4) use.

This is Tarkett Aquaflor laminate flooring that has a waterproof warranty against water damage. It says, "Aquaflor is backed with a 24-hour moisture protection warranty - it will not be damaged by everyday spills provided they are removed within 24 hours". Aquaflor is available in light, medium and dark tones in rustic and contemporary styles. It is also coated to be slip-resistant flooring. The planks are 10mm thick and have a wear rating of AC4. That makes the flooring suitable for light commercial use. Tarkett Aquaflor laminate is backed with a Lifetime residential warranty and a 10-year light commercial warranty.

The Aquaflor waterproof warranty makes it a wonderful choice for busy households where spills happen and sometimes don't get cleaned up right away. It's pet-friendly for this reason too. Aquaflor is also popular with homeowners that prefer to wet-mop and don't want a floor that have to be overly water-conscious about.

The Fresh Air collection is more rustic with styles mimicking hewn, reclaimed, distressed and sun-faded planks.  





“I'm not a professional, but of the three floors I've installed, this is the easiest. The laminate is reinforced with nylon fibers, so it bends well and locks easily. You cut it with a standard razor knife and snap it off. No waste, and no complaints.”


“I have not only installed Tarkett wooden flooring in our office but at my home as well. Its been over a year and till to date I do not have a single complaint against this product. Have spend a huge amount of money on getting this flooring done in my drying room and guest room. With pass of every single day its giving a new shade and wood Is changing its color looks like every month with more graceful look. “