In 2005, Quick-Step was a company acquired as a division within Mohawk Industries, a flooring industry giant who sells just about every kind of flooring known to man through numerous subsidiaries. After becoming part of Mohawk, Quick-Step moved much of their production to the United States. Today, they manufacture most of their products in the U.S. A company called Unilin originally invented Quick-Step’s technology in Belgium. They introduced the first glueless click-and-lock floating floor system in 1997. They marketed it with the patented Uniclic Locking System. The Uniclic system simplified installation, and DIYers found a floor they could easily install in an average size residential room, taking a day or less to complete. Competitors popped up, and the click together floor is no longer as novel as it once was. But Uniclic is the original and many feel it is still one of the easier systems to install. Quick-Step has always included a number of different products. They varied depending on the finish/color, price, and other properties. But in 2018, all of Mohawk’s laminate flooring products were reorganized and some were re-engineered.

You will find four major categories in the drop-down flooring tab: Wood, Resilient, Carpet, and Studio. Under the wood category, they list NatureTek, NatureTek Plus, and TrueTek. So, you may ask: which one is the laminate flooring? Great question, since it seems they changed all the product names. Therefore, a quick introduction to the laminate flooring products Quick-Step makes is in order. (For the record and as an added bonus, those who liked the old engineered hardwood line called Q-Wood will find it is now called TrueTek.) NatureTek is Quick-Step’s line of laminate flooring that they sell through dedicated flooring distributorships. It is available in two versions, NatureTek and NatureTek Plus. NatureTek is water-resistant but cannot be “wet” for long periods. If you want an upgrade, the NatureTek Plus is a waterproof laminate. So it can take spills, snow that feet track in, and rain. You can clean it with a wet mop or laminate-friendly mop, as well. Further, it comes with a limited lifetime warranty against water and pet damage. For those who like the big box stores, you can buy Quick-Step Studio as a DIY laminate. Lowe’s carries it. This particular product has not reviewed well, as many felt it was too sensitive when exposed to moisture. For a home office or bedroom, the Studio product may be a good choice, but you may want to skip this product in a kitchen or bathroom.


The new NatureTek products look surprisingly like solid hardwood with details like longer, wider boards and the GenuEdge technology. It still incorporates the old Uniclic technology, while embracing these improvements. And if the new NatureTek line lives up to Quick-Step’s durability claims, these U.S.-made products should make a big impression in the laminate floor market. In particular, NatureTek Plus is very interesting. A water- and pet-proof laminate that does not need to be babied in the bathroom or kitchen is a welcome addition to flooring options for these spaces. Plus, the cost for NatureTek Plus is competitive with other laminate floors, meaning it costs less than solid hardwood. Also, it is not an exaggeration to state the NatureTek Plus lifetime warranty that covers water and pet damage is a game changer in laminate flooring. This product is still new to the market, so we have yet to see the actual long-term performance. It will be interesting to see how time bears out, or disproves, this new technology from Quick-Step, and if their bold warranty is over-hyped or real.



We've had Quickstep Livyn in our kitchen & Utility room, it's really great & fitted perfectly. Looks nice, no chips or scratches after a year & half & we have pets. Can wash & dry, no problems at all.”


“We ordered vinyl flooring for our bathroom. Delivery arrived when stated. We also had brilliant customer service via emai. The planks look really good!”