Arimar International was founded in Miami, Florida by Maria I. Marin in 1999 with the mission of bringing to the market quality wood products from around the world. In one of her trips to Brazil she was introduced to a wood flooring factory in Curitiba. It was the start of getting into the flooring business. As the market, supplies and trends change we have moved from importing from Brazil, China & Taiwan to Indonesia, Portugal and Honduras.

For the past 20 years, our commitment to sophistication, to offer the latest flooring trends and quality has made us one of the best choices to high-end hardwood floors.

In addition to adding warmth, comfort and sophistication to your home, hardwood floors add value while still being easy to maintain. They offer a wide range of species, colors and styles available to meet your particular needs.

At Arimar International, they claim to believe in environmental and corporate social responsibility.

Our Floor Art Collection core is made out of Heveas or Rubber tree. The tree is recycled and processed into core when it stops producing rubber. They have developed strong partnerships and relationships that help communities and individual to strive.


Ther Wide Plank Collection offers style and beauty. Recognizing the appeal of timeless designs presents the perfect solution for even the boldest of rooms that demands a high-quality selection of color and style choices. With simplicity at its finest, the Antique Wide Plank Collection offers with cutting-edge innovations awe-inspiring surprises on its hardwood floors.

It offers a range of colors, from dark like the Livorno Rustic European Oak to the lighter Verona. The world’s most exotic finishes are presented here; smoked, fumed, hand painted, brushed, distressed, nail marks, and tool marks.




“For many years I have sold Arimar International's flooring products; both solid exotics and engineered. As a seller, It's good to know that they are part of the deal with us...that concerns get attention, challenges get met and schedules are adhered to. Being local to South Florida helps even more.”


“We love Arimar's beautiful wood flooring and their competitive pricing is something our customers truly value. Their prompt customer service and sales rep attentiveness is something we truly appreciate. Looking forward to many more years of business!