This year, Shaw was ranked No. 1 by Floor Covering News, Floor Covering Weekly, and Floor Focus. That’s all three of the leading flooring publications. In one survey, dealers ranked Shaw and their carpet and hardwood products best in quality, service, support, price, availability, training and consumer preference. That’s a lot of bests.

And they’re not stopping any time soon. Innovations like LifeGuard™ waterproof products, R2X Stain Resistance and their commitment to Cradle to Cradle production are some of the things that keep consumers and retailers choosing Shaw first. And it’s not just the products. The people at Shaw are the heart of our company. They work with dealers and the community to provide the best service and customer support and the superior quality that goes into every floor we make. Their dealers aren’t just clients.  Their products make Shaw a premier flooring company, but it’s our dealers and partners that keep Shaw No. 1. Their heart goes into every floor, every relationship and every home with a Shaw floor. 

Shaw hardwood flooring seems to be a one stop shop for all things hardwood. They have solid hardwood, high-end engineered hardwood and an affordable engineered hardwood. You have the options to glue down, nail downand click together.

They even carry other types of flooring on top of that. It seems no matter what you are looking for, you will find it with Shaw. Not only are there multiple options for different texturewidthfinish, and character; there are also between three and five color options for each type of flooring in engineered and solid wood flooring.



“Our experience with Shaw Flooring was a very positive one. We had new hardwood flooring placed in our entire home. We couldn’t be more pleased with the results. The floors are gorgeous!”


“Our Shaw hardwood floors are beautiful and we couldn't be happier! The planks have individual detail that give the flooring character and set it apart from laminate or the older traditional 3" wood floors.”