Engineered hardwood was created for those looking for the authenticity and timelessness of solid hardwood, with the added durability. Engineered flooring is characterized by its core, constructed out of layers of plywood that are criss-crossed in different directions. This multi-layer core is what provides its high level of stability, the ability to withstand expansion or contraction due to changes in temperature, humidity, or moisture. The very top layer, however, is made of a 100% real wood veneer, which gives you that natural hardwood aesthetic. 

With that top layer of authentic hardwood, this type of flooring can add considerable value to your home. It's a great option for those living in regions subject to a wide range of climates. and can also be installed over concrete slabs, radiant heating systems, or in basements where moisture tends to creep up. There are limitations, however. Since it is a natural product, it should not be used in bathrooms, laundry rooms, or other areas with consistent exposure to water.

Laminate flooring combines the beauty of hardwood with a construction type to last a lifetime and the ease of DIY installation.  Laminate is constructed with a backing layer, a core layer, and a design layer. The core layer is made of either a medium density or high density fiberboard which allows the floor to resist expansion and contraction due to moisture and changes in temperature in the environment. The design or image layer gives you that real hardwood aesthetic and is typically finished with a wear layer that protects your floor from surface abrasion. Modern technology has also allowed for textured designs that will have you mistaking laminate flooring for authentic hardwood.

Additionally, this type of flooring is constructed a click lock technology that allows for a floating, DIY installation, making it an ideal choice for homeowners who enjoy the hands-on aspect of home improvement.  When shopping, look out for board thickness (typically 12mm) and the AC rating, the level of durability and foot traffic that the floor can withstand. 

WPC Vinyl Flooring stands for Wood Plastic Composite and is a category of luxury vinyl flooring. WPC Flooring is engineered with a technologically advanced construction, manufactured with a wood-plastic composite backing that combines recycled wood, virgin vinyl, and limestone to form an incredibly stable structure. It is finished with a top layer made of a thicker-than-traditional vinyl, designed and textured to mimic hardwood and laminate styles. 

WPC Vinyl Flooring is 100% waterproof, protected from water or moisture damage. Its construction also results in limited expansion and contraction with environmental and temperature changes. Furthermore, this type of flooring is extremely DIY friendly, with a glueless click-lock feature, ability to be installed over another floor, and without the requirement of an underlayment. 

SPC Flooring, also known as Rigid Core Vinyl Flooring, is the newest generation of vinyl floors. Built with a stone plastic composite core, SPC Flooring is virtually indestructible and has a unique resilience that allows for a tremendous amount of versatility that no other category possesses.  It is 100% waterproof, fire-resistant, radiant heat compatible, and scratch resistant, thus it can be installed in any room that is susceptible to moisture and temperature fluctuations. 

Finished with a vinyl top layer that allows us to replicate any style and texture, SPC Flooring truly rivals Hardwood and Laminate. For those looking for flooring that will withstand consistent amounts of high traffic whether in a residential or commercial space, with the ease of DIY installation and an astounding aesthetic, SPC Flooring is the ideal. Furthermore, this type of flooring is environmentally friendly throughout its entire production cycle, constructed without the use of glue, eliminating the risk of formaldehyde completely. 



“This floor is going to make all the difference in my house. Thanks wayfair! So excited.”



This floor is going to make all the difference in my house. Thanks wayfair! So excited.”