Valencia Hardwoods, headquartered in Austin, Texas, focuses on pre-finished and un-finished engineered floors. They  serve both residential and commercial clientele throughout Texas with additional select target markets throughout the U.S. Their attention to detail and unwavering efforts to keep up with the latest industry technology sets us apart from our competition. Valencia’s flooring products are sold through a network of flooring dealers and distributors in addition to interior designers, architects, home builders and developers.
Valencia closely assists these markets in selecting the best flooring product for their specific project. Valencia’s branded engineered hardwood flooring, Floor Art, utilizes Hevea Brasillensis as its inner core structural species. The outer aesthetic precious specie, typically European Oaks, is naturally renewable that is harvested from very specific geographic areas of Europe. In contrast, the inner core structure is 100 percent Asian plantation species planted for the production of natural rubber. With this in mind, Valencia purposefully utilizes a greater volume of core structural species that is only harvested when it needs to be replaced at the end of its naturally 25-30 year productive life-cycle, instead of others removed from a forest at younger life spans.
All Valencia Floors are made with formaldehyde-free adhesive and are CARB-Phase 2 compliant in order to continue our commitment to producing environmentally sustainable materials. The world’s strictest formaldehyde emission standards for composite wood products took effect in California starting Jan. 1, 2009. This means particleboard, medium density fiberboard (MDF) and hardwood plywood manufactured for sale or use in California must comply with the new California Air Resources Board (CARB) regulations. The Federal EPA is monitoring the CARB rule and conducting its own risk analysis of the dangers of formaldehyde emission levels for implementing a national wood products emission standard in the near future.
Valencia Hardwoods is proud to offer two distinctive luxury engineered hardwood flooring collections. The first collection is the Floor Art Collection that is stocked in Texas. This collection is comprised of 16 unique colors that are legally sourced and manufactured to meet stringent global environmental regulations. This collection is imported from their partner manufacture that is located in Indonesia. The second hardwood collection that Valencia Hardwoods is proud to offer is the European Wood Collection. This collection is made up of products that are proudly hand-finished in the USA. The unique styles offer rich texture and color options that are custom finished at the time of order. Creating a one-of-a-kind floor that utilizes finely sourced European white oak.
“This team was STELLAR! They kept to their schedule, tried 3 different stains until I was happy, and my floors look AWESOME!!! I am recommending them to everyone I know!! Very nice people, certainly a pleasure to have had them in my home!”
“These guys are real pros. My wife was worried about dust, she is still looking for it after the job was completed. They isolated the area they worked in and used equipment that contained the dust. Always vacuuming and conscious of there work. No issues trying to pick the stain color, very accommodating. Highly recommend Valencia Hardwood Floors”