American Heritage Wood Floor

American Heritage Wood Floor

We started American Heritage Flooring with a simple goal: manufacture engineered flooring using American Hickory, the hardest and most durable of North American timbers, and finish it to-order right here in Southern California.

With American Heritage we have created an accountable, transparent supply chain from forest to finish. We have kept the harvesting of the hardwood timber here in the USA, where responsible, sustainable hardwood forest management is the norm. What’s more, every floor is finished to-order in our Southern California finishing plant, under the watchful gaze of one of the strictest pollution control agencies in the world: California’s South Coast Air Quality Management District. With no added Urea Formaldehyde and no VOCs, you can be assured that the air quality inside you home will not be affected by the finish on your floor.

And we are doing it all at a remarkably affordable price.


Original Hardwood

With a tensile strength rivaling steel, Hickory makes one of the most durable floors available. And it’s as handsome as it is tough. When we craft a Hickory floor, contrasting color tones come through from the lighter blonde sapwood and darker brown heartwood to create a very interesting pattern from board to board.

This gives it an exceptional versatility, which makes it ideal for everything from modern California bungalows to rustic lake-side retreats.

Subtly brushed for a pleasing texture, stunningly finished in 8 coats of Nano-Ceramic Urethane.

As always: Zero VOCs, Zero added Formaldehyde!



Our craftsmen hand-stain and finish each and every American Heritage floor to-order in our factory in Cerritos, California.
This assures that you will never encounter issues from mixed dye-lots. Lead-time is 2-3 weeks from time of order placement




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