BPI Prestige Floors

BPI Prestige Floors

   When you partner with Prestige Floors, we promise to not only give you a beautiful and durable floor that you’ll enjoy for decades to come, but we’ll also deliver service that will put a smile on your face and give you peace of mind throughout the entire process. As a small family-owned and operated business, your needs and satisfaction are always our top priorities, and you’ll feel this throughout your entire project.

The Prestige Promise is nice and simple: we treat every single client like they are a member of the family. Owners Benson and Ashley Kelly strive to provide great service and top-notch work, and they put this into practice every single day. With us, no question will go unanswered, no deadline will be missed, and we won’t be finished until YOU are 100% happy with your project.


Solid Hardwood Flooring

Just like the name indicates, with solid hardwood flooring, each individual board is made from a single piece of lumber, whether it’s maple, oak, mahogany, or an exotic. This gives the entire floor incredible strength and durability, which is why wood flooring is typically quoted as having a 100+ year lifespan! While it may need to be refinished from time to time, you can count on your wood flooring looking great and lasting the entire time you’re in the home. It’s also a great thing to highlight if you’re thinking about selling, and real estate agents are drawn to it like a moth to a flame.

Solid Hardwood


Benefits of Vinyl Flooring

The best part about vinyl flooring is that it makes life simple for homeowners. Do you want it to look like an oak floor? Granite? Marble? It comes in an endless variety of colors and styles and costs significantly less than hardwood or stone flooring. And, because it’s a synthetic product, it also stands up to moisture very well, so you can put it in any room in the house and not have to worry, including bathrooms, kitchens, and outdoor spaces. Cleaning is as easy as using a mop or running a vacuum, and you never have to refinish it.



Vinyl flooring is a 100% synthetic product (usually a type of plastic) that is topped with a laminate layer that covers a highly-sophisticated print intended to look like hardwood or stone flooring. Laminate flooring is somewhat similar, but instead of plastic, the body of the flooring is wood. This makes laminate feel a little more comfortable and warm underfoot, but it’s much less resistant to moisture, and we almost always recommend vinyl in areas that involve water.



Derek C. 

Great company. Did an excellent job on our floors and counter tops. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking to have work done and done right.

Katherine H.

Very good customer service. Took care of issues discovered after installation. We had Marazzi American Estates plank tile installed. Color: Spice. The floor looks beautiful!