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Luxury vinyl plank flooring has all the natural beauty of hardwood flooring — but why would you choose it instead of the real thing? Real hardwood flooring is lovely and adds so much warmth and character to a room. However, it also adds a lot of worry. Read on to find out the advantages of LVT flooring.


You wouldn’t install real wood flooring in a bathroom, because no matter how careful you are, that floor will get wet. Water, or other liquids, and wood flooring don’t go together very well. Exposure to moisture can cause staining, warping, and other damage that reduces a hardwood floor’s lifespan and spoils your investment. 

Other tile flooring types are called water resistant, but LVT is totally waterproof. So, when the kids splash water out of the bathtub, when someone walks into your entryway with wet, muddy boots, or when you spill something in the kitchen, there’s no need to worry. Just wipe it up and go on with your day! The moisture resistance makes a luxury vinyl tile floor a perfect choice for bathrooms, mud rooms, laundry rooms, kitchens, and more. We think you’ll agree — this is one of the very best luxury vinyl tile benefits.


When you’re selecting flooring for entryways and other high-traffic areas in your home, durability and scratch resistance is vital. Compared to hardwood floors, as well as many other types of flooring, LVT is much better at resisting damage from scratches and scuffs. 

LVT is more resistant to scratches than hardwood floors are, which it great for entryways and other high traffic areas. Its CrystaLux wear layer protects the flooring from damage from kids, pets, furniture, and everyday living.


LVT flooring is perfect for anyone who would rather enjoy their flooring than work hard to maintain it. Vinyl flooring care and maintenance is a breeze! Other than sweeping to remove dust, hair, and other debris, it doesn’t need any more daily care. When messes happen, simply use a damp mop. You’ll never need to wax it, polish it, buff it, seal it, or do any of the other chores that fussy flooring requires.


Family homes should be comfortable, and LVT contributes to this cozy feeling because it’s has a softer feel than many other types of flooring. LVT has an under-layer attached, and this absorbs some of the impact of your footsteps. Some LVT also comes with extra sound-barrier backing to muffle footsteps. Extra underlayment can also be added to further enhance the soft, quiet character of LVT floors.


There are many qualities that make LVT an environmentally-friendly choice. For one thing, there’s no need to cut down trees to put a wood-look LVT floor in your home. LVT is extremely durable, so it lasts a long time with no need for replacement; that saves resources, too. 


LVT can save you a lot of money without sacrificing beauty, durability, and comfort. Its cost per square foot is much less than natural wood flooring — especially higher-end, more exotic wood types. You can even choose LVT that resembles weathered, reclaimed wood for a cozy rustic look. LVT is manufactured to replicate many different species and shades of hardwood flooring, without the high cost.


When you compare LVT to many other popular flooring options, it’s much easier to install. Many of MSI’s vinyl tile options simply click into place, creating a “floating” floor that requires very little preparation of the subfloor. That means if you’re a do-it-yourself type of person, you can tackle the job on your own. Depending on the size of your project, luxury vinyl tile installation can be completed in one or two days. Specialized equipment is not required. If you’d prefer to have a contractor install your flooring, the easy installation helps to keep labor costs low, which makes LVT an even more affordable option!

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