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Top Questions To Ask While Buying Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood is a timeless flooring material and there is no denying it. While luxury vinyl tile climbed the ranks and is now the top residential flooring choice, many homeowners prefer natural wood. And who can blame them? It’s versatile, long-lasting, and will give you value for money if you end up selling the home. That said, hardwood flooring is a substantial investment- especially when it comes to hardwoods- and there are different options to choose from.
Let us check out the questions to ask hardwood floor installer when you are thinking of installing wooden floors.

What Are The Main Elements Of The Home?

  • Do you plan on installing new floors in the living room, stairs, bedrooms, or the entire home? Answering the question will help you find out how much flooring material you will need, how much the project will cost, and what to expect for the installation process.

What Hardwood Floor Should I Buy- Solid Wood Or Engineered Wood?

  • The answer to the question depends on where you would like to install the flooring. For example, solid hardwood is great for any room that’s above the ground. However, engineered wood is excellent for any slab installation or basement.
  • You can use it over radiant heat or humid climates. The benefit of solid wood is that you can refinish or sand it several times. You can sand the engineered wood or refinish it but not as often as solid wood. These are important hardwood floor questions you must ask the installer.

Should I Choose Non-Shiny Finish Or Shiny Finish Sheen?

  • It depends on your personal preference. A gloss finish offers the highest amount of shine and reflects the greatest amount of light.
  • Meanwhile, a semi-gloss finish offers little shine that reflects light. A matte or satin finish offers lowest level of shine reflecting the least amount of light.
  • The benefit of having less sheen is that you are less likely to notice wear and tear. Do remember, all sheens offer a similar level of floor protection.

Can I Keep Hardwood Flooring Looking New?

  • To keep the floors looking fresh and new, make sure you clean it regularly. You can do it by dust mopping, sweeping or vacuuming the floors.
  • Don’t use wet mops or steam mops on the wood floors since steam and water can make the floor finish dull and damage it if done often.
  • Also, you can place a rug at every entrance. But avoid rugs that have rubber backs as they can discolor the floors.

What Kind Of Hardwood Should I Get For My Home?

  • People’s styles dictate what wood flooring species they choose. But you can use different wood types to achieve some effects.
  • For instance, a light wood, such as ash or maple, can make the room look airy and open. Meanwhile, a medium wood such as hickory or oak can make the space look warmer and cozier.
  • A dark wood such as walnut or mahogany, can make the room look stately and refined. Buy hardwood flooring that suits your home requirement and your budget

Does Installation Require Sanding?

  • If you are installing solid wooden floors, the floors will be sanded and finished in the home itself. However, advances dust containment systems can eliminate dust. Solid wood floors require time for the finish to dry on-site.
  • With engineered wood floors, the finish is applied in the factory. It means there will be minimal dust and noise during the installation process. You also will be able to walk over the floors right after installation.
  • Finally, these are some important questions to ask when getting a flooring estimate. The right flooring expert can provide you answers and help you get hardwood flooring installed at your home.

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