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Kitchen flooring trends 2021: Modern kitchen Flooring Ideas
The interior design of kitchens in 2021 promises to be very laconic, without an abundance of decorative details and frills. The priority areas will be:  These conditions apply to all kitchen elements in 2021, without exception, including the flooring’s design and characteristics. In 2020, new types of flooring have appeared. For the most part, they are modifications of materials that have already become familiar. These modern floor coverings will become more prevalent in 2021. Let’s take a look at kitchen flooring trends in 2021.

Eco theme in flooring

Eco style will continue its triumphant march in 2021 because, in addition to aesthetics, showiness, and comfort, it corresponds to the global trend in interior design. The priority is given to the most natural materials or materials that include as many natural ingredients as possible. Natural parquet, massive and engineered boards, laminate, ceramic tiles, and porcelain stoneware confidently take the lead, displacing artificial tiles into the background. 

It should be noted that preference will be given to wood coatings since ceramic is rather cold with all its advantages. For kitchens in 2021, a tactilely comfortable warm coating is preferable.

Unusual kitchen floor

Traditional parquet will give way to original kitchen flooring options in 2021:

  • Wide and long boards. This is a great way to expand the kitchen space visually, so the trend will remain relevant in 2021.
  • Artificially aged parquet with “defects”. Human-made scuffs, burns, and cracks help to create the impression of elegant antiquity. Designers should be entrusted to “spoil” the floor – independent attempts are unlikely to give the expected result.

Non-standard laying of parquet and boards

  • The use of boards of different widths when laying kitchen flooring will be a current trend in 2021. Such a coating attracts the eye, impressing with its surprise and captivating with its charm.
  • The diagonal installation allows you to create an original kitchen floor. It optimally combines aesthetics with stylish respectability and visually expands the space of the room.
Unusual flooring finishes
  • Uncoated parquet. The more financially and time-consuming option of kitchen flooring is confidently gaining popularity. Full coverage of the installed boards with varnish makes the floor a monolithic solid, completely unlike laminate. Among the advantages are reliability, aesthetics, ease of cleaning, and practicality.
  • The oil finish looks incredibly natural, as oil penetrating the wood’s pores completely reveals the fibers’ texture. Gentle care is required for oiled wood, but with today’s variety of care products, this won’t be a problem.
  • Hand scraping wood flooring. Manual scraping of a wooden floor with a special scraper, followed by varnishing, allows you to get a wavy textured surface, emphasizing the difference between the boards. The kitchen floor will look expensive and stylish.

Light colored floors

The primary trend in 2021 in the field of colors for kitchen flooring will be light floors. Since dark shades will prevail in kitchens’ overall interior design in 2021, a light floor will emphasize the unusual color solutions and create the soaring illusion.

Designers offer an unusual solution for kitchen flooring – a variegated floor. You have to use boards of various tones and shades to create such a design. As a result, the pattern will turn out to be bright and voluminous. This floor design is ideal for plain kitchens. When creating a variegated floor, contrasting inserts are allowed, which will focus on specific areas of the kitchen space. The effect will be unique if you will involve a designer at work.

Flooring color options in 2021 are impressive in their variety:

  • Whitewashed parquet flooring is versatile. It can become the basis for interiors in light and dark colors.
  • Light parquet from oak, ash, maple, bamboo wood. Such flooring will visually enlarge the kitchen space.
  • The gray finish is versatile but works best for bright furnishings and spectacular decor items.
  • The honey floor looks warm and cozy and creates additional volume in the room.
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