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Flooring Trends 2021 – What is best for your custom home?

Choosing the right flooring for your custom home can be a taxing decision to make. What floors are builders recommending these days? Which floor will bring the best value and look to my home? Let’s take a look into various flooring options and see what will ultimately be the best fit for your custom home.

Wood Flooring

  • Wood flooring continues to be a favorite for homeowners. A majority have even stated that they prefer wood flooring over carpet, even for the living area. This coincides with the “great room” trend; having consistent wood flooring throughout the kitchen, dining, and living room.

  • Wood flooring gives the sleekest look while also being more durable and stain resistant than carpet. It is also more comfortable than tile which is ideal for these three rooms in your house.


  • Because of the popularity of wood flooring, the tile trend is fading away. However, due to moisture concerns, tile remains a top choice for bathrooms. Larger tiles have become more preferable over smaller tiles in recent years. 12 to 24 square inch tiles are now a recommended choice for home owners.

Carpet and Laminate

  • Carpet and laminate are great cost-effective alternatives. However, quality and appearance have proven to be more important to builders and homeowners in recent years which means that tile and hardwood floors are, by far, more popular options.

  • Carpet and laminate still have a place in modern homes. Bedrooms and closets are the most common place for carpet. It’s durable, comfortable, and warmer to bare feet than hardwood or tile. Carpet or laminate are an inexpensive and easily replaceable option.

These days, look and durability out weigh the cheaper alternatives. If you are looking into building a custom home, consider these trends in order to ensure quality, better appearance, and the highest possible return on your investment.

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  • Jan 02, 2021
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