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2022 Style Watch

2022 is all about moving forward and embarking on new journeys. And what better way to reign in the new year than with new flooring? Wipe your slate clean by adding a fresh canvas to your space. Whether it’s a bathroom renovation, a new office, or an extended master suite, we have insight into this year’s top flooring styles so you can strike the perfect balance between personal taste and hot trends.

1. Lighter and Brighter...

lighter flooring trends

Light floors will continue to be popular in 2022, making white oak and white ash appealing choices for many homeowners wishing to remodel their floors. Light colors often open up your home and give the perception of space with their light and airy appearance. This is because light surfaces act like mirrors and refract light to make spaces with few windows and natural light feel larger and less confining.

2. Hints of Blue

If you want to add a touch of color to your home but aren't sure what to pick, blue is the perfect place to start. Blue itself will always be vogue and you can use brighter renditions of blue hues to provide a splash of color as an accent to your home design or you can find blue shades to keep your space looking neutral. You'll get the most out of this color trend by adhering to the basics and infusing blues where you see fit.

3. Organically Natural 

nature-inspired floor textures

We're going back to our roots this winter, focusing on nature-inspired textures and all natural materials.  Bring this trend into your home with wood, natural stone or greenery to lift your spirits during the dark of the year.  These elements simply breathe life into a space when combined with other natural elements or even a variety of organic materials. Who doesn't enjoy fresh flower arrangements, warm wool blankets, and nature's healing properties?

4. Unlimited Variation

Finding beauty in variance is an important part of this year's design trends. Following a season of monochrome palettes with whites, grays and beiges, adding little variety might not be such a bad idea. The advantage of having various colorations across your floors is that it makes it easier to decorate the surrounding room with the warm and cold tones present in the various floorboards.

5. Distressed Vintage

distressed vintage interior styles

From white-washed antique barn looks to hand-scraped European Oak, vintage styles have a timeless charm. And, as the saying goes, "everything comes back in style." This trend aims to create lived-in interiors while also attempting to bring back all of your favorite aspects of retro styles from timeless classics like black and white tile to traditional dark hardwood flooring. And what's not to like about a little nostalgia?

6. Multipurpose Workspaces

Let's be honest: more work from home time is inevitable this year, therefore it's critical to enhance your home's working areas. When you feel good about a room, you're more likely to relax and, as a result, your productivity is enhanced.  Upgrade your home office or co-working environment with floors that are functional —and comfortable to stand on for those with a working desk —and you'll notice a difference in not only your mood but also your performance.

7. Waterproof Flooring

waterproof flooring trends

No one understands the necessity of having a floor that can handle life's toughest messes better than an active family with kids and pets running underfoot. Spills, scratches, and dents have no chance against this year's flooring products, which can withstand all kinds of unexpected accidents thanks to waterproof cores and revolutionary scratch-resistant technology.  Even households without pets or children can benefit from the extreme durability of this top-of-the-line flooring, which is not only built to endure but also beautifully crafted out of white oak.

8. Patterns on Patterns

When we talk about this season's trending patterns, we don't mean gaudy designs or flecked movie theater carpets. Patterns can actually be an inconspicuous addition used to elevate your existing decor. Since they offer fun textures and add dimension, patterns lend a distinct warmth to your home design that can be subtle. But if you're looking to hop on the maximalist trend, feel free to go bold with loud layered prints. Whatever your style, be sure to include some patterns this season whether it's a delicate textured wallpaper or a dramatic animal print area rug.

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