DuraSoft® Knives Slide Storage Utility Knife 19058

1.99 /Sqft

9.29 /Box

23.77 /Sqft/Box

sq ft.
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ITEM I​D 1​9​0​5​8​

Shipping Weight
0.50 lbs
Shipping Length
8.10 in.
Shipping Width
3.20 in.
Shipping Height
1.30 in.
Inner Pack Quantity
12 pieces
Outer Pack Quantity
48 pieces
Can Ship Small Package
The MARSHALLTOWN DuraSoft® Knives all come with our DuraSoft® handle for increased comfort and reduced fatigue. You have your choice of five different designs. Our Slide Storage Utility Knives and Butterfly Storage Utility Knives has a push-button blade release and comes with five extra blades. The Auto-Load Utility Knife also comes with five blades and has an easy to load blade storage door. It also comes with auto-load blade replacement. Our Standard Utility Knife has a strong metal frame and push-button release. The Auto-Retractable Knife has a blade that retracts automatically for safety when not in use. It also comes with butterfly storage, five replacement blades, and magnets that hold the blade during replacement.
  • All have DuraSoft® handles for increased comfort and reduced fatigue
  • Choose between five different knife designs
  • Find the knife to fit your needs