Claw Framing Hammers Estwing Smooth Face 11431

1.99 /Sqft

56.19 /Box

23.77 /Sqft/Box

sq ft.
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BRAND: Estwing

HAMMER FACE: Smooth Face

LENGTH: 13 in (330.2 mm)


ITEM I​D 1​1​4​3​1​

Shipping Weight
1.80 lbs
Shipping Length
14.00 in.
Shipping Width
5.25 in.
Shipping Height
1.25 in.
Inner Pack Quantity
4 pieces
Outer Pack Quantity
24 pieces
Can Ship Small Package
You have your choice of three Claw Framing Hammer brands: MARSHALLTOWN, QLT, and Estwing®. All three brands are used with chisels to remove grout, and they're all fully polished and forged from one piece of tool steel. The Estwing® hammers have a shock reduction grip. For all the Claw Framing Hammers, you can choose between smooth and milled face, length, and weight. The MARSHALLTOWN and Estwing® Hammers are Made in the USA with Global Materials.
  • Claw Framing Hammers come in MARSHALLTOWN, QLT, or Estwing® brands
  • Choose the face, length, and weight
  • MASHALLTOWN and Estwing® Hammers are Made in the USA with Global Materials