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Wood Flooring Trends To Beat This Year 2021
There is no doubt that wood flooring has the ability to add warmth, charm, and character to any home – whether it’s traditional, modern or even contemporary. It has become an exceptionally popular choice for homeowners and with a wide range of species, colours, and finishes available, we understand why. There are many technical advances in engineered wood flooring which adds to it’s selling point aside from the timeless and elegant designs. They are extremely durable, easy to maintain and cost-effective.
Wood flooring is something that will never go out of style, they are quite literally the foundation of your home and set the design and tone for your whole interior. Any type of floor is a long term investment, so you’re going to want to get it right. Each year we see some new trends that take the industry by storm, so here are some wood flooring trend gems to beat this year.

The Classic Oak

You can’t beat the classic oak wood flooring. It presents natural wood like no other, and with the right finish, you can enhance the floor even more so it suits your tastes and requirements. What’s even better, the classic oak works extremely well with the majority of interiors so you don’t have to stress yourself over colour palettes and colour schemes. The natural colours of the floor work best with pale and neutral colours but be sure to not mistake this for not being bold with colours and adding a splash or two!
Interior Tip: Pastels are also known as the ‘new neutral’ this year. They bring out the brightness in a room and add soft, warm colours to any interior. These work well with oak flooring, or you could go for deeper, darker colours like grey or charcoal depending on your choice of colour scheme!


The Distressed Aesthetic

The rustic, vintage and charming floor that is made to look like a reclaimed wood floor by using methods such as scraping, staining and even bashing. Distressed floors take full advantage of cracks, blemishes, and knots that the floor naturally develops, and with them being manufactured it means there is no limit to supply. The distressed aesthetic can be found in homes of all types and interiors, but it has become quite popular in minimal and contemporary homes.
Interior Tip: To enhance the feel of a distressed floor, you can use either warm or darker tones. Organic themes are quite common with this style, so add some house plants and decorative features to whatever room the distressed floor will be in.

Dark Stained Wood Floors Remain Strong

Dark wood floors have continued to grow and grow over the last decade or so. They provide a more luxurious, expensive feel to an interior. Walnut flooring has proven to be the most popular choice out of the vast range of dark tones available. Although the dark and rich colours that radiate off dark wood floors provide a great aesthetic for a room, the only disadvantage that comes with them is that it can make a room appear smaller, and they are not as easy to maintain as other wood floors. This is because dark colours are often notorious for showing marks, scratches, dust and dirt!
Interior Tip: Use only cool tones to bring a splash of colour to the interior.

Attractive Ash Flooring

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  • Feb 04, 2021
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