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Laminate flooring is a type of flooring that is made of fibreboard and melamine raisin. The setup of this type of floor is like that of wood. The installation is easy, unlike that of hardwood, and there is not even the need for professional assistance with the setup process. These are scratch-resistant floors that boast of a tough finish. Let’s look at the types of laminated flooring that are available today.

Tile Laminate Flooring

It is available in square shapes and maybe as much as 4 feet long and 16 inches wide. This type of flooring may be grouped on the basis of how it is textured. As laminates are intended to resemble material, these should best come with the same kind of texture as the said type of material. In case you would like a wooden laminate, its composition needs to resemble that of wood. While purchasing laminates, it is best for you to check how it would appear under the light. The slip-resistance of the material would depend on its thickness. You have to observe the laminate flooring material under the light of varied strains.


Smooth Laminated Flooring
Laminate flooring that is regarded as sleek comes with a satin finish, not having a grainy feel. This is soft in form and can offer a shiny appearance to the floors. It is easy to clean up a smooth laminate. You only require a cloth piece for wiping off any trace of dust or dirt from the surface. Laminate floor surfaces with a satin finish can have a more sophisticated and chic appearance, which explains the reason why it is chosen by people today.

Hand-scraped Laminate Flooring

  • This type of laminate flooring can look like natural wood, and feel like the same. You can feel all the features and grains of natural wood.
  • This kind of hand-scraped floor can also offer you a vintage appearance.
  • Each plank of the scraped surface is unequal and comes in varied styles and colors. You can even have an earthy feel.
  • It can offer an element of warmth to your house.

Brushed Laminate Flooring

It has an aged and worn-out appearance, which makes it popular among all those who strive for flooring in vintage style. This type of floor can provide your home décor with a lot of character. These kinds of floors are composed of hardwood and can have a cross-cut design.

Oiled Wood Laminated Flooring

Such kind of laminate flooring is oil-coated, which provides a deep level of protection to its surface. This type of floor is perfect for all those who want flooring with a more natural appearance. An oiled wood laminate floor is very beautiful to look at and is not damage-prone – given that the protection from the oil moves beyond its surface. In case you maintain the floor in a proper way, it will be able to last for a long time to come without any need for you to pay for remodeling expenses.

Piano Finished Laminated Flooring

This type of laminate flooring is particularly ideal for homes that have small square foot area or a limited amount of space. It comes with a high gloss piano finish and can lend a fresh look to your home. You can lend a nice glow to your entire home with this type of flooring. The piano finish is available in diverse styles and colors. If you wish to have a traditional look of wood, you can have that with the piano gloss. These are similar to regular floors that come with a more sophisticated appearance. These days, such type of laminated flooring has become popular because you can get the flexibility to pick from varied colors for just about any theme that you like. 

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