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Upcoming: The 2022 Spring Issue of Design at Home

While the winds might still be a tad too cold, the smell of spring is in the air, and as the sun peaks out from the gray winter skies and the leaves bud on the trees, it's time to start anew. This spring, we were inspired by the idea of creating a home that works for your specific needs, which is why we’re offering our exclusive tips, tricks, and advice on how to “make your house a home.” Flawlessly timed with the spring season, you’ll find plenty of unique ways to craft a space that works for you, all while tackling your spring-cleaning checklist! Celebrate this spring in style and catch up on the latest design trends as you delve into the 2022 spring issue of Design at Home.

5 Tips Reducing Clutter and Adding Storage

reduce clutter

With the spring season, there always comes a spring cleaning checklist. And while we’re familiar with the basics like vacuuming the floors and polishing your wood, what happens when you simply have too much stuff? In this article, we discuss how to make the cleaning process easier with five tips to reduce clutter and add storage. These tips cover everything from cleaning up and clearing out to adding new shelving and container storage. However, there’s also an emphasis on more subtle elements of storage design like custom cabinetry, drawers, and small nooks, so that you can find a home for every item.

Springing Into Nursery Nesting

nursery nestingDesign by KALU INTERIORS  Photography by PROVOKE STUDIOS

Prepare for your little ones this spring with a nursery renovation. This feature boasts five delightful nursery designs meant to inspire new parents. Spring is the perfect time to refresh the nursery with new flooring, furniture, and cozy prints. Whether you’re looking to create a contemporary palette with pale creams and neutral blues or you’re searching for that perfect antique double-door dresser to complete your vintage-inspired room, we have the designer inspiration you need. 

Q&A With Kandrac and Kole Interior Design: Personalizing Your Lake Home

This spring’s Q&A features an exclusive designer interview with Kandrac & Kole Interior Design. In the interview, Kelly Kole takes a deep dive into the details of designing her personal lake home. Built as a second home geared towards entertaining, the lake house features a traditional farmhouse aesthetic with shiplap walls and vintage rugs. Kole gives her lake house a unique twist, blending her colorful personality with the history of the place to create a homey, eclectic space. 

Styles We Love: Fall in Love with the Outdoors

This spring, our eyes have been drawn to the elements of the natural world. These three, outdoor-oriented styles are right on trend with the need to create spaces to entertain during an ever-present pandemic. First up is casual and cool, which has a Cali-cool, laid-back vibe to it with lots of raw materials, pale neutrals, and woods. Then, there’s Friluftsliv, a Norwegian design trend inspired by outdoor living, using wood, greenery, and organic materials to imbue a calming design. Lastly, is Industrial which has a touch of raw flare with neutral decor, upscale furniture, and modern finishes like brick, steel, and concrete.

A Guide to Rec Space Flooring

guide to rec space flooringSeparation in Detour by Core Elements

Extend the game night trend into your home design, with our guide to rec space flooring. This feature is an in-depth guide on how to create a home design based on your family’s lifestyle needs and what flooring products work best for each room. Featuring tile in stunning elevated pools and gorgeous patios to carpet in the rec room and engineered hardwood in pool lounges, read more to see the recommended products from our Flooring America catalog for your entertainment spaces. 

It’s All Black and White

Written by Jennifer Backstein, Design by Jennifer Backstein Interiors, Photography by Mike Chajecki

Learn how to use the black and white color scheme to dress up your home with designer Jennifer Backstein. Backstein shares tips like using different shades of black and white and the 60-30-10 rule to create a design with depth that’s visually interesting. Her expert advice helps to avoid the classic predicament of “basic” or “boring” with a versatile black and white palette. Plus, you can get the look of this stunning luxury design with similar flooring products from our catalog.

Styling Your Home Office

styling home officeDesign by KATE + CO  Photography by MIKE CHAJECKI

Written by Kate Davidson, Design by Kate + Co design

Another hot topic this spring, home offices are here to stay and with this feature from Kate Davidson, you’ll have all the insight you need to style a productive home office. She covers everything from where to locate your office to the eight office essentials everyone should have. Featuring several successful home office designs that Davidson herself has created over the years, this article imparts tips on lighting, storage space, and style to maximize your workflow.  

Behind the Design: A European Farmhouse

European farmhouse design


Written by Trisha Isabey, Project Design Lead by Raquel Miliken, Photography by Trevor Cooper

In this exclusive behind the design feature, new up-and-coming designer Trisha Isabey shares her unique eye for design as she walks us through a European-styled farmhouse. She discusses everything from how to design a stunning foyer to playing with textures to creating a showstopping kitchen. Right on trend down to the very last detail, Isabey’s designs prove to be stunning from the butler's pantry with a hidden back home office to the oversized floral wallpaper in the master bedroom.

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