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Top Five Flooring Trends in 2020

We’re all spending a little more time inside these days. Which means we might be thinking about changing some styles around the house. Like what’s on our walls, what’s in our kitchen, or, well, the floors throughout our entire house. Whether you’re looking to revamp your entire home or just browsing for the guest bathroom, we have a list of 2020 flooring trends that will give you the inspiration you need.

bright living room with white furniture light hardwood floors

1. Wood-Look Tile

Want to warm up your kitchen without compromising easy cleanup? No problem. Wood-look tile pairs the appearance of hardwood with low-maintenance material. This dynamic flooring trend fools the eye in the best way—by bringing realistic, textured floors to any room.

open kitchen with wood look tile flooring

2. Marble Makeover

Wood’s not the only way to go, though. If you’re feeling fancy, the marble-look trend might be right for you. This swirled, beautiful tile is versatile: perfect for elevating a variety of spaces in your home—including kitchens and showers.

white marble bathroom with marble look vinyl tile

3. The Proof Is in the Vinyl

If you’re on the hunt for a wood- or stone look for your floors but don’t want to worry about your kids or pets, waterproof vinyl plank is on-trend. These stylish, affordable floors won’t buckle under water or pressure, so neither will you.

living room with couch and pool table vinyl wood look flooring

4. Timeless Tile

Open up your favorite space with expansive, timeless tile. Large-format tiles have gained enormous popularity in recent years, for their minimal grout lines and overall beauty. Whether you select a polished or matte look (or maybe even something of the raised variety), this trend can bring new life to your floors, walls, or outdoor areas.

room with table and chair with large format tile flooring

5. Hardwood Elegance

And finally, don’t forget the carefully constructed trend that is waterproof hardwood. Hardwood has taken a turn in flooring technology that merges it with the durability of Luxury Vinyl. Its top layer of solid wood veneer shows its natural beauty, while the Luxury Vinyl composite core withstands whatever life throws at it, including moisture and humidity. Can you say, “Hello, new basement floor”?

dark hardwood floor in modern living room with white couch

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