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Tile Flooring Trends For 2020 And Beyond

When renovating living spaces, most people often focus on the cabinets, lighting, and appliances but often forget the importance of the right kind of flooring. One of the most important factors in keeping your home up-to-date is choosing the right kind of flooring material and design. Believe it or not, tile flooring trends 2020 are far from boring and dull. At Westside Tile, we work and live by the words of “For the love of tile,” and we believe new tile trends are unique and classy and can provide an edgy look to your space. Similar to lighting, the kind of tiles you choose for flooring can bring a dramatic change to your rooms. For example, lighter-colored tiles can brighten up rooms and make them appear more spacious.

Unique and durable tile flooring are a great alternative to wood flooring. Also, tile floors are relatively cheaper than natural stone and/or wood floorings. For 2020, the home decor industry has developed large wooden planks, unique bright colors, eye-catching textures, exciting patterns, and a variety of new shapes. Keep your living space or commercial building fresh and ahead of the curve with some of the latest design ideas and trends in the world of tile flooring!

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  • Tile Flooring Materials in Trend 2020

  • Tile Flooring Patterns in Trend 2020

  • Tile Flooring Shapes in Trend 2020

  • Tile Flooring Colors in Trend 2020

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Unique Tile Trends For 2020

Tile is one of the most popular and convenient flooring choices for a variety of rooms, living spaces, and workspaces throughout California. This is because tiles are usually cheaper than other flooring materials yet easy to maintain. Tile flooring also tends to keep rooms clean and cool on hot summer days. Without further ado, here are the top tile flooring trends that have hit the home design market for 2020:

Tile Flooring Materials in Trend 2020

1. Wood Facade Tiles

Tile floors that have the appearance of a wooden texture have remained stylish throughout the years without losing their charm. Also, tiles with a wooden facade are a great alternative to traditional wood flooring–and are easier to maintain and clean! In 2020 and beyond, the best wood textured tiles include wire-brushed, distressed, and hand-scraped. The wire-brushed option can appear quite subtle and elegant, whereas the hand-scraped wooden facade gives a more rustic finish. The distressed wooden texture tiles, on the other hand, are filled with burns, knots, scrapes, and holes, contributing to an overall antique and aged look.


2. Marble Facade Tiles

Marble is a natural stone that is a more costly tile option, but in 2020, homeowners can opt for tiles with a marble texture. Also keep in mind that black and white marble tiles are becoming quite popular this year and will most likely stay in style these next couple years. Marble can get expensive, but you no longer have to pay the full price for this chic floor design because ceramic tile companies have mastered the skill of replicating the marble texture and adding it as a finish. In all, these marble-textured ceramic tiles are more durable, less porous, and less costly. Keep in mind you can utilize these kinds of tiles throughout your living space–in entryways, living rooms, bathrooms, etc.!


3. Rustic Stone Tiles

The year 2020 has brought back the rustic stone tile–not only as a wall option but also for your home’s flooring. If you have a larger room or space you’re renovating, consider natural stone tiles to give your home a more homespun feel. Some of the best options for natural stone tiles include: limestone<, slate and marble. However, will this trend for natural stone tiles outlive 2020? The answer is yes. Throughout the years, natural stone tiles have remained a cornerstone for countless home designs.


4. Metallic Tiles

One of the newest trends in 2020 is metallic tile floors. Metallic tiles are gaining more and more popular because they give rooms an ultra-modern, edgy appearance. Because metallic tiles are relatively new on the scene, they’ve created quite a buzz. If you’re looking to try something daringly new for your home’s flooring, consider metallic tiles rather instead of more classic options.


5. Fabric Facade Tiles

Did you ever imagine that the texture of your linen or silk could be seen as a floor tile? In the year 2020, this tile option is now available. Many tile companies have created these fabric-textured tiles that are unique and stylish, yet easy to maintain. With these types of tiles, your flooring will have a very soft appearance, and silk fabric-textured tiles in particular offer a rich and luxurious style to your room(s). If you’re wanting to branch out and try new style with your recent home remodel, consider fabric-textured tiles for innovative floors in bedrooms and/or common areas.


6. Concrete Tiles

This year, the most exotic trend by far is ceramic concrete tile flooring. Big slabs of concrete tiles are making their way to the contemporary style of interior designing. Keep in mind that concrete tiles will give your living space a modern industrial touch–especially if paired with edgy, industrial furniture and lighting. Aside from being ultra-modern and trendy, concrete tiles remain classy and timeless, so homeowners can expect this style to stick around.


Tile Flooring Patterns in Trend 2020

7. Geometric Patterns

These days, geometric pattern ceramic tiles, especially hexagon patterns in particular, are gaining a lot of popularity. In general, contrasting colorful geometric pattern tiles looks best for flooring designs. For even more eye-catching floors, try incorporating 2 or more colors for your hexagon or other geometric-shaped tile patterns.


8. Gray-Colored Tiles

Currently, the color gray is one of the most popular choices for flooring styles in a modern home. Although there are more gray tile options made from stone, there are also gray options for ceramic tiles. One of the latest trends in modern home design is matching gray floors with gray cabinets and doors for a monochromatic color scheme. Apart from appearing chic, the color gray will give your home a cool and relaxing ambiance. Also, gray tile floors give your living space versatility, since the color matches with a plethora of other color schemes. When buying appliances as part of your remodel or renovation, consider choosing bright, bold colors since gray will match and neutralize these


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