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This Year’s Hottest Color: Sage Green

For those familiar with the interior design world, it will come as no shock to you that this year’s trending color is a soft sage green. Sage green hues can be spotted throughout design this season donning everything from kitchen cabinets and bathroom showers to green carpets and accent rugs. With BEHR, Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams, and several other paint companies naming a cool sage green as their color of the year, it seems we can all agree on one thing: 2022 is the year to get into greens. 

So, how do you approach this color in your interior design? We have several simple recommendations for how to incorporate sage green into your flooring and decor.

With Moss Green Ceramic Tile Backsplashes

moss green ceramic tile backsplashConfectionary Winter Green by Daltile

One of the best ways to incorporate a splash of color into your designs is through accent tiles. Play with whimsical shapes, patterns, and shades of green in the bathroom and kitchen when you install tile backsplashes. There are so many places to incorporate green tiles whether it's with a glass mosaic at the bathroom sink, a green subway tile along the shower wall, or a glossy moss ceramic behind the stove in the kitchen.

Using Traditional Green Hued Rugs

traditional green hued rugsChancellor Collection in Pewter Green by Kaleen

Incorporate sage green by adding a gorgeous area rug to your space. Whether you’re looking for a large rug to go under the dining room table or a small throw for the living room, there’s an abundance of design styles out there from patterned to solid that blend together sage hues. For instance, the Chancellor Collection by Kaleen pulls inspiration from the aristocratic fashion of the French baroque period by using a beautifully intricate pattern to mix sage green with light brown, forest green, azure, and denim blue.

Install Plush Green Textured Carpets

plush green textured carpetRival & Delightful in Succulent by Rival by Resista

Sage green is versatile and a timeless color with its varying shades and hues, so don’t shy away from using it in your flooring. With Rival by Resista’s Rival & Delightful carpet in succulent green, you can take delight in discovering a carpet that’s exceptionally stylish, soft, durable, and worry-free. Breathe fresh air into any space with the captivating look of its textured patterning that’s pleasing to the eye.

Not only is this carpet a gorgeous shade, but it’s one of the top trending products from the 2022 Style Watch. Rival & Delightful carpet can be installed in any room thanks to its waterproof backing. The plush soft fibers make it the perfect companion for a bedroom or a nursery, equipped with the best stain-resistant and crush-resistant technology. 

Decorate with Touches of Sage Green Elements

touches of sage green elementsOltre Res Tile Wood-Look by Daltile

Easy updates like painting your walls sage green, updating artwork, or finding newly potted plants keep your space open and fresh. Thanks to this being a trending color, sage green is becoming a common staple color for common household items like dining room chairs, wall sconces, vases, and ottomans. Pair your sage green accents with warm woods, crisp creams, and soft metallics for a contemporary, airy design.

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