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Styles We Love: Cape Cod Coastal

When it comes to the Cape Cod Coastal style, this seaside collection is all about sandy neutrals and coastal blues, capturing the appearance of a classic Cape Cod beach house. With furnishings inspired by natural elements such as beach wood, marshy shores, and aquatic blues, unique Cape-house styles blend with trending modern coastal to create an aesthetic that’s purely New England.   

Best Coastal Flooring Styles

best coastal flooring styles

Floorcraft Coventry Oak in Crewel

When it comes to selecting a floor for your coastal getaway, choose lighter neutrals over dark colors. For instance, this light white oak engineered hardwood by Floorcraft features a striking wire-brushed wood floor with popular wide planks and a low-gloss to enhance its natural beauty. Plus, it’s engineered for enhanced stability in high moisture environments so you can enjoy this gorgeous white oak throughout your home even if you have high humidity levels because you live right on the beach!

carpet for coastal design

Tigressa Underspin Plus Tonal in Destiny

If you’re looking for a softer floor underfoot that still fits in with your coastal design, check out our Underspin Plus by Tigressa SoftStyle. This textured Saxony carpet marries gray tones with blue hues to create a gorgeous color that’s reminiscent of a stormy sea. Beautifully complementing your beach house decor with its blue undertones, this carpet has a luxuriously plush feel that’s perfect for your modern coastal bedroom or living room.

What is a coastal design style?

coastal design styleGraber Roller Shades

Coastal design style aims to blur the line between indoor and outdoor living since so much of it is influenced by the nature of the beach. Using lighter tones, coastal design creates a relaxed feel that embraces a casual, laid-back ambiance. There’s an emphasis on quality over “showy” or “luxury” design with performance fabrics taking center stage in upholstery, furniture, and flooring so that the coastal design can stand up to the beach lifestyle. 

Nowadays, when you hear about coastal design, you often hear it in reference to modern coastal design. But what is modern coastal design? Modern coastal design works to blend the elements of sleek minimalism with the warmer feel of coastal design. Combining coastal colors with clean lines, modern coastal gives a nod to the beach with its natural materials and textiles all while staying fresh, airy, and contemporary.

Elements of Cape Cod Coastal Design

elements of cape cod coastal designOmbre Graphite Gloss Ceramic by Emser

Elements of Cape Cod coastal style include the reflection of surf, sand, and sky throughout color and texture within your home design. The color palette for Cape Cod coastal is light neutrals with pops of blue, green, and navy influenced by the natural seaside. Incorporate a beachy design that consists of organic materials and fibers. These might come in the form of white oak hardwood floors, wooden beaded chandeliers, sisal rugs, or woven shades. Beachy decor should be your finishing touch with statement pieces like driftwood, old sailing rope, or seashells topping off the design.

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