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Even if you’re not in love with your floors, you might not be sure if it’s time to renovate them. Only you can decide when the time is right to replace the flooring in one room or your whole house. Nevertheless, you may find yourself leaning toward renovation if you have any of the following experiences:

1. Your Family Has Recurring Allergies

Have you noticed that your allergies seem to get worse each year? The problem might be your carpets or older floors. When new, carpets can act like filters and help pull particles and debris from the air. Over time, they lose their filtering ability, which leaves your air quality less than ideal.

If you’ve noticed everyone’s sniffling and sneezing all spring and fall — including your pets — you may want to try a flooring upgrade. Consider harder floors over textile surfaces if you want flooring that’s easier to keep free from dust, dirt and pet dander.

2. Your Room Just Won’t Stay Toasty

When they’re first installed, many types of floors, including carpets and laminate, can offer insulation. Eventually, this natural ability to keep out cold fades away.

By updating your floors, you could save on your utility costs, especially during the colder months. Plus, you’ll feel cozier without throwing on lots of sweaters or blankets.

3. You’re Living in a Time Capsule

Every time you walk into the living room, you think the ‘90s has called. You’re beginning to feel like you’re living in the past, and it’s all due to your dated flooring.

Over the years, design trends change, including the flooring styles everyone chooses. When your room begins taking on an old-fashioned ambiance you don’t appreciate, you’re likely ready to renovate your floors. You’ll probably want to freshen up your walls, window dressings and furnishings, too.

4. You Plan to Put Your Home on the Market

Are you planning to take advantage of real estate selling prices in your neighborhood? Think curb appeal for both your property’s interior and exterior.

New flooring attracts buyers and may encourage them to submit higher starting bids or even compete for the ability to sign a contract with you. Work with a professional flooring installer to find selections that will give your spaces much-needed facelifts while staying within your home improvement budget.

5. You’re Tired of Repairing Your Floor

Maybe this is the third time in the last few weeks you noticed another chip in your bathroom tile floor or tear in your kitchen’s ancient laminate. Though you didn’t mind repairing your floors at first, you’re starting to find the whole “repair game” a bit frustrating.

Like anything else, floors will get to the point where repairing them becomes a major headache. Save yourself from wasting any more precious minutes on fixing problems and solve the bigger issue with a new flooring installation.

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  • May 05, 2021
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