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Protecting Flooring from Christmas Tree Damage
Decorating for Christmas celebrations brings the warmth of the season to homes. People want the holiday to be celebrated with energy, zeal, positivity and love. And a Christmas tree🌲 is common to all the different ways they enjoy the festival. One of most important Christmas decor elements people want in their homes is think a Christmas tree, along with other festive touches, such as stockings, candles and garlands. Having a tree inside the home can have an impact on the installed floorings. Leaks from the newly cut tree, or hardwood flooring scratches caused by moving the tree across the floor, these all lead to the added expense of flooring repair or replacement after the holidays.🌲🌲

o prevent such possible damages, homeowners can protect their flooring in the following ways:

Stains on Flooring Due to Sap Leakage
There are several different kinds of Christmas trees, be they fir, pine, spruce, or cypress. But when the trunk or branches of these trees are freshly cut to be used for Christmas, the sap running inside these trees will leak from the cut sites, as well as from the needles. Sap from pine branches can cause stains on flooring. If you have such stains on the floors, you can refinish or replace the flooring and get updated designs, available from reputable flooring suppliers.

Flooring Damage due to Water
When there is a Christmas tree inside the house, the homeowners must consistently keep watering the tree, by adding water to the tree stand. Leaking water from such stands, or excessive watering, can cause staining on the installed flooring and may even result in weakening of flooring boards. As a preventive method, a waterproof Christmas tree mat under the stand can save the flooring from getting damaged.

Uneven Scratches on the Flooring
A Christmas tree 🌲 in the house and decorations in place are often challenging to fit it, meaning that the homeowners will likely need to adjust the position of the tree. A harsh push or pull of the Christmas tree 🌲 over the floor and your flooring will be scratched. Dropped needles from the trees may also cause mild scratches, especially if they are walked on. A mat under the stand can help protect the floor from these damages as well.
Even in this busy month of celebrations, it is possible to maintain your flooring and, if damage occurs, you can replace the damaged, stained floors with the help of well known flooring suppliers.

  • Dec 08, 2020
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