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Protect Your Hardwood Floors Over the Holidays

The holidays are finally here! Of course that means you are busy with all those family reunions and get-together dinner with friends, company parties, and more. However, if you are planning to host some of those gatherings, it is a good idea to protect your floors just so you won’t be shocked by unsightly marks, scratches, and dents as the new year settles in. As you probably know, protecting your floors proactively can go a really long way.

So how do you protect your floors this holiday season?
First off, you would want to make sure that all your furniture have chair glides under them – check your chairs and tables especially, as these are the ones that get moved around most during the season. Also see if there is no dirt, dust, or a tiny piece of rock caught in the chair glides. Why is this important? Simply because if the felt of your chair glide is not clean, even the tiniest particle could possibly scratch and cause damage to your floor. These chair glides really make a huge difference.

Another cause of flooring damage, especially on hardwood floors, during this party season are your guests’ hard shoes or high heels. So if you are expecting a god turnout this year, you might want to consider getting yourself a nice area rug in your living room, or any area where heavy foot traffic is probable. Of course, if it’s going to be a family event which is also very casual, you may also ask your siblings and cousins to remove their shoes.

Of course, there are also some environmental factors that could be destructive to your floor if they find their way inside your home. You may overlook it, but small rocks, dirt, and snow can really damage your floor. Worse, they may even cause permanent marks! While these cannot be completely avoided, especially when you have guests coming to your home, it will be a great help to you if you have mats at the entryways of your home. These mats can catch some of the above-mentioned elements.

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  • Dec 13, 2020
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