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Introducing The Spring Trend: Casual and Cool

With summer not far from sight, many of us are yearning to open up the patio and eagerly bring the sunshine inside. Fortunately, with this season’s trending style —casual and cool —you can do just that!

Featuring items that provide a laid-back atmosphere that are both comforting and aesthetically beautiful, the casual and cool look is the perfect style for evoking a sense of warmth in design. A soft palette unites raw materials and textures, further enhancing the simplistic beauty of all things natural in this trending style. 

The Best Casual & Cool Flooring Options

the best casual & cool flooring options

The best way to adapt to a casual and cool lifestyle is by installing worry-free floors in pale neutral shades. Our line of Aquadura H2O engineered hardwood is the perfect floor to fit your casual decor. With the smooth grain of white oak complemented by a waterproof core, this beautiful hardwood features light-washed shades that call back to casual beachy days.

How to Incorporate Natural Wood in Design

how to incorporate natural wood in design

From white-washed kitchen shelves to rattan living room chairs, wood elements are key to creating a casual and cool environment. Be sure to incorporate natural wood throughout your home decor whether through small updates like a teardrop wood chandelier above the dining table or in the form of driftwood centerpieces. Natural beauty is a dominant theme in the casual and cool style, so be conscious of the materials you are using when styling your interiors. If you’re someone who’s drawn to wood elements like baskets and rattan, then casual and cool is the perfect style for you!

how to use neutral palettes

How To Use Neutral Palettes

neutral palettes this spring

Mixing neutral palettes with modern design elements, the casual and cool style essentially conveys a comfortable, contemporary aesthetic. Casual and cool aesthetics encourage lounging and lingering. Oftentimes, casual and cool designs can be confused with California Casual since both styles emphasize neutral, soft colors. But, while both share elements of boho-chic, casual and cool focuses more on organic elements and muted tones, leaning heavily on handmade artistry and wood finishes. 

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  • May 10, 2022
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