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Hygge—When Home Feels Like a Hug

Hygge is a Danish word for happiness and is pronounced hue-gah. The hygge design style focuses on living a life of joy. The idea is that you are in control of creating a space that brings you happiness, and through your interior design, you can truly live in the moment. This style is especially apparent in the winter months when your home becomes a cozy oasis from the cold.

hygge living room with couch

Color inside the Lines

Since hygge is a Scandinavian style focused on simplified happiness, you should consider this when choosing the color of your floors. It is best to avoid loud patterns, bright colors, and deep rich tones. Instead, opt for neutral colors that keep the space looking clean and simple.

hygge corner in the house

Hardwood Is Hard to Pass Up

When it comes to hygge design, hardwood flooring is the most popular option. Hygge focuses on natural elements, and hardwood checks the box. When choosing your hardwood floors, we recommend selecting lighter-toned woods with a natural matte finish, such as walnut or oak. In addition, hardwoods that have a natural texture like knots or grain marks can also work well. Of course, you will want to make sure the grain marks aren’t too exotic or bold as that will contrast with the simplicity of the hygge design. Starting with a simple foundation gives you the freedom to add cozy factors later in the design process.

hygge floors in bedroom

Limited Budget? Try Laminate.

Hardwood can be expensive, but if you want the look of hardwood and don’t want to overspend, we recommend trying laminate. Laminate is a more affordable alternative that is easy to install. You will be able to choose from various colors and styles, which means there is an option for your hygge design that is more budget-friendly—allowing you to have your cake and eat it too. 

bedroom with hygge feeling

Design Is in the Details

Part of what makes hygge so notable are the warm and cozy elements. So, once you have chosen and installed your ideal flooring, you will want to add some accents to keep your space feeling snuggly. Details you might consider are:

  • A thick Sherpa throw rug
  • A classic wool area rug
  • Lighting with a warm glow, such as a Hygge-style floor lamp
  • Any other natural materials that you like

When choosing design elements, avoid flashy, distracting pieces to stay within the calming hygge vision.

Finding Your Floor

As always, finding a flooring design can be deeply personal, and we all have unique preferences. For example, some might reach for hot chocolate on a cold winter day, whereas others might go for a warm cup of tea. Both beverages accomplish joy and warmth, which are two essential factors in hygge design. The flooring and elements you choose are up to you, and if they bring you joy and warmth, you have accomplished hygge correctly.

hygge with a scarf, coffee and sea shells

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