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How to Style from Floor to Ceiling - Literally

New floors and new wall color are often the first two considerations when it comes to updating a room. Most of the time, new flooring is a more expensive and time-consuming project, which is why you should choose your floors carefully. On the other hand, wall color is easier to change, but of course, you’ll want to allow these two aspects of your room to play off each other. Lucky for you, there are a few easy tips and tricks to pair floors and walls together successfully.

Keep Undertone Top of Mind

When pairing wall colors with floors, it is best to consider the undertone of each element rather than trying to match specific colors. The undertone is the base of the color that affects its overall appearance. A color’s undertone can be warm, cool, or neutral. Blue, pink, and green are considered cool colors. A warm palette includes reds, oranges, and yellows. Last, neutral colors are gray, beige, and taupe. When pairing wall colors with floors, you will want to pair colors with either the same undertone or a complementary undertone. Complementary colors are those that are on the opposite end of the color wheel from each other.

How Tone Sets the Mood

In general, different color pairings will create a unique mood. Wall and floors with a neutral tone will make your space feel clean and minimalistic. A neutral undertone can also be paired with warm or cool tones to create the desired look. If you go with a cool color palette, you can expect a bright, airy feel to your space. In contrast, warm tones will give your room a cozier feel.

cool color palette for bright look in room

Samples and Swatches Are Your Saviors

If you’re starting from scratch, this probably means you’re getting new flooring and painting your walls simultaneously. In this scenario, samples will be your new best friend. You can stop by your local Factory Flooring Liquidators store or even order online, and one of our experts will happily send you your top flooring samples to examine firsthand in your home. We can give you tips on different flooring options and their undertones. Seeing different samples side by side will allow you to determine the undertone of the floor more easily. Bringing samples home also lets you see the flooring in your home’s natural light, which is important because light will change throughout the day.

use swatches to decide wall color

Bringing paint swatches home is also extremely helpful when choosing the right color, as you can see the flooring and paint together. You might even consider painting a small section of your wall with different paint options to give you a complete picture of how the color truly looks. Painting a small area of your walls is even more important if you match paint colors with existing floors because if the flooring stays the same, you will want to weigh your paint palette carefully.

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