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How to Choose the Best Colour Flooring for You

When it comes to updating the flooring in your home, there’s far more to this process than simply picking a colour you like. Of course, this is one of the defining factors (after all, you want a colour you actually enjoy looking at) – but before you fully commit, don’t forget about the other important things that matter, too.

From practicality to budget considerations, we’ll be taking a closer look at the essential criteria to take into account when you’re making the final decision on a colour that’s right for your home.

Consider your budget

Before embarking on any home renovation project, it’s important that you outline your budget – this should cover the cost of buying materials, as well as any added extras for installation. With your budget in place, you can now begin exploring the best options available when it comes to flooring materials and colours.

Flooring materials and colours come with varying costs, so go into this process with your eyes open and be realistic. If you have a tight budget but grand ideas of a real oak wooden floor in your living room, you may need to make some sort of compromise. Instead, look at other affordable yet equally realistic options which give you that luxury look for less, such as laminate flooring in colours that replicate the tone and finish you’re after.

Factor in location

Another deciding factor for choosing colours for flooring is where this flooring is going to be laid. For instance, choosing a light-coloured floor in a heavy foot traffic area like the kitchen or hallway will show far more dirt and scuff marks – resulting in daily scrubbing in order to keep it looking pristine.

Instead, opting for a darker hue with a patterned finish in busy areas of the house could be a preferable solution to ensure your flooring doesn’t show every speck of dirt and dust. If you’re still set on having light-coloured floors to brighten up dark spaces, you could compromise and limit them to use in bathrooms, bedrooms and living rooms where there’s likely to be less footfall.

Account for practicality

There are other practicalities to consider when deciding on the best floor colour, ensuring your choice of flooring is well-equipped to cope with all that your lifestyle and household habits have to throw at it. From mucky paw prints and fur balls from your favourite furry friends to the inevitable spills and crumbs that come with living with little ones, picking the right colour to suit your household’s lifestyle is all part of the process. The last thing you want is to install gorgeous cream or white-coloured floors only for them to require constant cleaning at the end of each day.

If these scenarios sound all too familiar, you may be better off choosing more practical colours of luxury vinyl click flooring, laminate or hardwood. If you’re not a fan of really dark shades, opting for soft, ash-brown, grey or even walnut colours for flooring could be better suited to your tastes. Hiding a multitude of sins that come with a busy household, these subtle hues shouldn’t make the overall aesthetic of the room feel too dark and heavy, either.

Visualise the finished look

Finally, don’t forget to keep an eye on the bigger picture when you’re picking out colours for flooring – make sure to account for how your chosen laminate flooring colours will fit in with the overall aesthetics of the finished area.

Unless you’re furnishing a new home from scratch, it’s essential that you make sure your chosen floor colour complements your existing furniture and desired interior theme. Think about the dominant colours that you envisage featuring in the room, and which floor colours will work well with them. Neutral colour schemes offer more flexibility here, but, if you have a penchant for bright and bold colours, you may be best investing in paler colours for the floors.

Don’t overlook your room’s dimensions here, either, as the colour of your floors will have a direct impact on how spacious the room feels. Lighter shades in modest spaces work best when it comes to opening up the area, while darker, warmer tones provide a more suitable solution in terms of giving large areas a more homely feel.

Whether you want to evoke a sense of rustic chic in your living room or create a calming sanctuary in your bedroom, we hope you have all the right know-how to help you pick just the right colour for the perfect finish. To get your flooring update underway, take a look at our broad spectrum of colours for laminate flooring, LVT, hardwood and more.

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