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How Do I Make My Small Room Look Bigger?

If you live in the classic three bed semi, then you’ll be all too familiar with the annoying box room that the unlucky sibling usually ends up with! If it’s not used as a bedroom, then it’s the ‘office’ where things mainly get dumped in. This is usually because none wants to spend time in it when you’ve got a spacious open plan kitchen/diner downstairs. However, if you follow some of our tips then there’s no reason it cant be as pleasant as the rest of the house.

Colours and lighting are always really important to how a room appears, regardless of the type of room. Have you ever heard people say that they wear black because it’s flattering? Well the same rule applies for interior, but the complete opposite! Light colours are the best route to go down when you want to make your room appear bigger, light, airy and spacious is the way to go! We’d recommend whites and creams as the best choices, but pastel colours like blues and yellows can work well too as long as you keep the shade light. If you’re lucky enough to have a large window then great, but if you don’t try and keep the room lit up in all corners so the whole room is visible, giving the illusion more space.

Storage is always an issue with smaller rooms, simply because there’s no space for a big wardrobe once you’ve got your bed in there! The best way to combat this is to of course make use of your space as efficiently as possible, this means under-bed storage, install small shelves, make sure all cupboards are filled and mount your television or screens to the wall. Although of course its obvious that you’re not going to get as much in a smaller room than a bigger one, there’s certainly ways you can make the most of thew space you have.

Avoiding too much clutter is a basic rules in any room, but especially in a smaller one! Avoid having knick-knacks that take up valuable surface space, they often look outdated and collect dust as well as making the place look smaller. If you do like a bit of surface decoration though, then opt for fewer larger items. The same rule works for artwork too, one statement piece as opposed to lots of little pictures. We know keeping surfaces clear is easier said than done, but don’t place stuff down for the sake of it, natural clutter will find it’s way there somehow

Flooring is one of the main features of any room and it can make or break it. It’s something that’s disruptive and expensive to change and usually the first thing you notice. So, if you’re considering doing up you smaller room then pay close attention to flooring! Wood flooring will always improve the look of a room, as well as introducing authentic and sophisticated charm. It’s freshness will complement your light walls and really give the wow factor! If wood flooring is a little out of your budget, them laminate and luxury vinyl tiles replica its natural premise perfectly but at a cheaper price and easier maintenance. 

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  • Jun 03, 2021
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