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Get Ready for the Holidays with Glim & Glam Style

As we round the corner into December, now’s the time to start prepping your home for the holidays. Get your house ready with sparkling glass and metal materials through end tables and accent furniture. These accessories shine with a simple yet sophisticated neutral color palette that will bring all the coming festivities to life. Don’t miss the perfect touch of holiday décor to spruce up an already stunning mixture of lighting, furniture, and artwork.

Consider Cozy Flooring

cozy flooring for the holidays

Start with your floors first, adding a layer of cozy comfort that’s hard to resist this winter season with soft carpets, shag area rugs and plush pillows. Resista Soft Style’s Let’s Go in Larimer carpet is the perfect companion for any bedroom or living room. Featuring the popular casual styling of a textured saxony construction that doesn’t show footprints these silky-soft fibers have a deep pile that’s sure to bring a fresh, inviting appeal to any space. It’s incredible performance wear includes stain-resistance, so you don’t have to worry about spills when you have guests over for a warm mug of mulled wine by the fire.

Add Elevated Mood Lighting

elevated mood lighting

Once you’ve got your cozy flooring covered, set the mood with statement lighting. Beautiful glass chandeliers and brilliant gold light pendants work to catch the eye but what’s even better? A combination of the two! With Elk Group’s Construct 8-light chandelier in weathered zinc and clear crystal, you can have the best of both worlds. Combine the shine of muted zinc with light refracting crystallized glass to create stunning mood lighting for any room of the house.

Incorporate Stunning Tile Backsplashes

stunning tile backsplashes

Nothing quite shines as bright as a tiled silver backsplash. Level up your bathroom and kitchen spaces with the glimmer of silver this holiday season, either with a silver studded diamond mosaic accent wall in the master bath or with a glittering hammer metaled tile behind the kitchen stove. Soci’s Polar Arabesque tile, for instance, combines the charm of old-world patterns with contemporary metal finishes and cool silver tones.

Bring in Silver and Gold Accent Pieces

use silver and gold accents in home decor

Turn to decor to add the finishing touches to your elegant ‘glim and glam’ style. Gold rimmed mirrors, accent tables, bronze bookends and jeweled wreaths all use the neutral color palettes of metallic accents to beautifully top off your space. It’s a myth that metal accents can’t be mixed together, as many metal finishes can be combined to elevate your interiors. Gold and silver, for example, can complement each other nicely with gold bringing out the rich warm jewel tones in the room while silver balances it out with underlying cool gray and white tones.

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