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Fall in Love with Autumn Flooring: Trends for Your Home 2021

There’s no need to feel down about summer winding to a close. Look on the bright side: autumn around the corner means you can take things a bit slower, put up your feet and enjoy the more relaxed pace that this season has to offer. A variety of colour-changing trees are on display – making autumn one of the most beautiful and inspirational times of year. In this week’s blog, we bring you our autumn flooring trends: ideas for autumn and all year round. 

Autumnal Abundance

When we think of autumn, we think: harvest, conkers, golden leaves, stunning sunsets. Taking ‘fall’ as our interior decor muse, we would recommend dark wood. A wooden floor is a beautiful investment for any home, and dark wood is a rising trend for 2020-21. Visit our showroom to see examples of wooden flooring in our impressive collection. For the homebodies amongst us, imagine cosying up on a new luxury carpet, (hot chocolate in hand, fire blazing!)

Awesome Autumn

For the family orientated and the social butterfly, autumn is a season that has a lot to offer. From school trips, to bonfire night and Halloween, there are just enough events in the calendar to keep our momentum up as we ease from summer to winter, without tiring us out. While you’re rushing from one bonfire night party to the next, keep leaves and dust at bay with flooring that is easy to keep clean. Vinyl flooring and vinyl tiles can be kept in check all year round with a quick sweep and a mop.

Fabulous Fall

During autumn, the beauty of the natural world reminds us to appreciate our environment. Increasing numbers of our customers enquire about the sustainability of our products. We understand the importance of meeting the need for original, yet eco-friendly flooring. We’ve worked hard to source a range of natural flooring styles that won’t cost the earth. 

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  • Oct 14, 2021
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