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Fall Coveted Color: Samba Sandstone

Fall into autumn with a samba sandstone color palette of inspired designs from bronze light fixtures built to brighten the dark of the year soft velvet couches and chairs in warm cinnamon tones that are perfect for curling up with a mug of hot apple cider. When you think fall, you might think of pumpkin-spiced lattes, warm fireplace mantels, changing leaves, and sweet apple pie —but what is one thing that all of these have in common? Their muted orange to soft beige-brown hues.

samba sandstone


As we approach the winter season and the days get shorter, we lose a lot of natural light which can often make us feel a little stir crazy. One way to maximize your productivity and boost your mood is by bringing natural color palettes indoors. Thanks to our latest issue of the Design at Home magazine, we aim to do just that with this season’s coveted color: samba sandstone.

Incorporate Beige-Toned Tile Designs

Install beige-toned tiles as backsplashes, accent walls, and flooring throughout your home. Updating bathroom and kitchen sink backsplashes with earth-toned ceramic or glazed porcelain tiles are a beautiful way to spruce up your home design. Plus, these warm brown-hues pair well with kitchen and bathroom hardware in bronze, gold, and copper finishes. This glazed porcelain tile by Emser blends contemporary design with old-world charm with its brick-fired appearance. Although the tile is available in multiple shapes and sizes, for a fun modern design, opt for the 10” by 11” hexagon in Newberry Cotto.

Use Soft Beige-Brown Fabrics

beige-brown fabrics

Select drapery, accent pillows, throws, rugs, and furniture in soft sandy brown colors to create warmth this season. Whether you choose a new set of brown velvet pillows for the living room or a soft camel-colored leather chair for the bedroom reading nook, these samba shades are sure to warm up your room. Window treatments are always a great place to start when it comes to updating your home for the winter —swap out light drapes for heavier curtains and roller shades to keep your home insulated during the cold months.

Install Samba Colored Floors

samba colored floors

Maybe you’re hoping to update the carpet in your bedroom or want to install a new hardwood floor throughout the whole first level —regardless of the flooring, a samba sandstone color palette is the perfect place to draw inspiration from. Because it pulls from neutral shades of brown and beige, these floors will be easy to match with any decor theme or design style you choose. Instantly elevate your home design with beautiful new white oak floors in a sandy-blonde finish.

If you’re not ready for a complete floor renovation, just update your area rugs and throw rugs. These are easy to swap out with the changing season and this adorable beige couture rug by Nourison is the perfect way to tie in warm Scandinavian design elements.

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  • Nov 23, 2021
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