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Decorate Your Home with Autumn 2022 Colors

‘Tis the season of everything pumpkin spice, ambient candles, and cozy nights by the fire. When you’re not busy frolicking through the foliage or sipping hot tea, it’s time to update your home with warm touches of autumn decor. The season’s colorway of traditional earth tones always puts us in the mood for all things fall, but this year we’ll see a few fun bright hues grab our attention too. We’re excited to share our best fall decor ideas for 2022!

Fall 2022 Color Palettes & Interior Decorating Trends

While autumn typically brings warmer hues to our homes, there are always new color trends and fresh ways to incorporate fall-themed decor. No matter your budget or personal style, you can find the perfect decor to get into the fall spirit! 

fall decor in a bedroom with wood flooring

Incorporate Calming Greens for a Natural Look

Greens are going to be a popular color in homes this autumn, as homeowners will look to bring the beautiful colors of nature into their décor. Earthy shades such as olive, sage, and forest will be favorites.

Keep it Cozy with Burnt Oranges and Dark Reds

Burnt orange and dark red are also two very prominent colors that we’ll see this fall. Dark orange is a great color to pair with other nature-inspired neutrals, while red is great if you’re looking to make a bold statement in your home.

Add an Energizing Pop of Color with Soft Yellows

Soft yellow will also be making its way into homes as it combats the normal rich tones of fall by adding a splash of upbeat fun to your space. 

Tie Together Your Space with Warm Neutrals and Browns

Neutral colors such as caramel, beige, off-white, and rich brown offer a subtle autumn feel. Whether you tie this in through a new coat of paint, a patterned accent blanket, or an all-over monochromatic look, neutrals and browns add an air of elegance to your fall decor.

How to Include Fall Color Schemes in Your Home

burnt orange couch with fall accent blanket in a living roomDepending on your ideal fall aesthetic, you can incorporate these gorgeous autumn colors into your home through minor updates or major design changes. Ready to fully commit to a new autumn look? Consider adding a fresh coat of paint to an entire room or an accent wall. Sage greens are popular paint colors due to their calming effect and versatility with multi-seasonal decor. However, homeowners that desire a more subtle transition into fall decor can infuse these autumn colors with pieces such as:

  • Pillows and Blankets - Warm plaid blankets, chunky knit throws, and textured throw pillows are simple pieces that can be swapped out with each changing season.

  • Accent Chairs - Consider upgrading any space with a colorful velvet or patterned accent chair.

  • Window Treatments - Set the tone with warm neutrals or bright pops of color using these hot autumn colors.

  • Area Rugs - Pull together your fall decor in any room with a complementary area rug. 

  • Linens - Bring warmth to bedrooms with festive fall linens. Great for kids' bedrooms, guest bedrooms, and master bedrooms, linens incorporate fun patterns and colors that get the whole family in the fall mood. 

  • Dishware - Set your table with pumpkin centerpieces, rich red napkins, or metallic silverware to impress your guests. 

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