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Many people own vacation properties at the beach, in the mountains or other popular locations. All those properties have one thing in common: They need the right kind of flooring.

If you’re planning to upgrade your flooring for your vacation property, 50 Floor has several tips to help you figure out which floors are best suited for the property’s location, use and style.

1. Consider the Climate

A large number of vacation properties tend to be located near water or in warm, humid regions. As a result, the flooring could be exposed to anything from moisture to tracked-in sand.

When choosing seaside vacation property flooring, keep the weather and elements in mind. A beach bungalow will benefit from durable, water-resistant flooring materials like vinyl, laminate or tile. Save the plush, luxurious carpeting for the master suite in a wintry ski lodge getaway.

2. Opt for Floors That Can Handle Traffic

Make sure to keep in mind that you should pick durable flooring for the properties you are renting out year-round. After all, rental units tend to take a lot of wear and tear. Therefore, make your selection based on how many people, pets and objects will be coming in and out.

As an example, you might want to choose from some of the best options for rental property flooring based on your needs. Carpet, luxury vinyl tile, laminate and hardwood each have specific pros and cons. For a vacation rental property with a lot of activity, engineered hardwood or laminate flooring are effective choices. Also, there are durable carpet options that will not show wear.

3. Think About How Long You’re Going to Own Your Property

Not everyone keeps their vacation properties for a lifetime. If you are interested in selling your vacation or rental property in the future, opt for flooring choices that will appeal to potential buyers. Following current trends to see what the general public is interested in is an effective way of preparing to sell your property. Neutral colors and styles are a safe choice, too.

4. Choose a Proper Flooring Style for Your Vacation or Rental Property

Some vacation properties can fetch high weekly and monthly rental prices. Others, though, are more modest and meant for a less lavish lifestyle. The price of your rental property can depend on factors such as location, surrounding properties and space. When choosing vacation property flooring, consider selecting options that match your home, apartment, townhouse or cottage.

For example, properties by the beach may benefit from whites or greys. On the other hand, rich natural or engineered hardwood may fit in mountain cabins surrounded by woods. Also, it is important to keep in mind your overall budget. You may be able to splurge more on flooring if the rent for your property allows it.

5. Remember to Budget for Flooring Accordingly

Most people don’t have unlimited budgets for flooring for their vacation or rental properties. As a result, it is critical to take all the aspects of flooring into consideration. This includes thinking about the price of the floor itself, as well as other materials. Also, make sure to keep the installation cost in mind if you’re hiring someone to do the work. By hiring professionals, you will save yourself time and potential frustration.

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