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About Republic Floor

If you are looking for America’s highest quality waterproof engineered flooring products, you’ve found them!

Republic Floor manufactures the widest range of stylish and robust Laminate, SPC and WPC flooring in the country. We offer maximum choice and total professionalism in all we do.

About Us

Republic Floor has extensive facilities located in California and Texas. Our team of highly-trained experts is waiting to receive and fulfil your order with speed and accuracy. Because we specialize in engineered multilayer flooring, we can advise you on the optimum choice of floor coverings for any project – domestic or commercial. We use the best quality materials, state-of-the-art equipment, and exacting safety and quality control measures, to ensure that each and every customer receives the highest quality product. Our commitment to excellence embraces our entire product range, our service provision and the welfare and training of our employees. We are dedicated to ensuring that every client of Republic Floor is 100% satisfied with their total purchasing experience.

Why Republic Floor?

We believe that freedom of choice starts with excellent quality. Customers should not have to choose between low-cost imports of dubious quality and high-priced materials from major manufacturers with limited product ranges. Republic Floor offers a wide choice of high-quality engineered flooring products in a dazzling range of styles at reasonable prices with guaranteed quality. Our quality threshold is significantly higher than the minimum requirements of US and state health and environmental codes.  We supervise our overseas manufacturers in Europe and the Far East to ensure that they always comply with our strict standards. Each Republic Floor product comes with a factory warranty that is reinforced by our own quality guarantee.

Natural Flooring

Every Republic floor represents an exquisite balance of natural beauty and respectful preservation of natural resources. We source our raw materials only from ecologically well-managed forests and suppliers. Between each ply of our engineered wood floors we use only environmentally-safe adhesives. The health of our clients, your customers and our employees is our first priority. That is why all Republic Floor products are certified Phase 2 and Lacey Act compliant, meet the California Air Resources Board's formaldehyde emissions standards, and surpass by a large margin the world’s strictest CARB requirements. Contact UsStores across California and Texas offer Laminate, SPC and WPC flooring products from Republic Floor to their customers. We guarantee that you will be more than satisfied with your Republic Floor.

  • Oct 28, 2022
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