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A Guide to Rec-Space Flooring

One of the best ways you can create a home design that works for your lifestyle is by creating spaces that work for your needs. Start by thinking about what you like to do for fun. Are you an avid outdoorsman? Do you like fun and games? Or do you prefer to relax by the pool? A recreation room could add happiness to your life. But what kind of environment would foster joy and amusement in your home? What would the space look like? And more importantly, how can you answer these questions within your home? The answer is simple: a recreation space tailored to your needs!

Whether you want to create a recreation room full of board games or an outdoor space to grill and relax in the summer, one of the best places to start is by determining what type of space you’ll create and then choosing your floors. Fortunately, we are offering our tips on a wide variety of durable, versatile floors that are ideal for many recreation rooms, ranging from a space for family to one that is specifically made for entertaining!

Outdoor Spaces

Outdoor areas that include a pool or a water feature offer a great space to relax, entertain, and catch some vitamin D with friends and family. What’s better than sitting by the pool on a warm summer day while enjoying your favorite refreshing drink? For the utmost in comfort and beauty, check out these stunning flooring options for outdoor spaces that range from cool and collected to bright and bold.

Stunning Elevated Pools

elevated pool design

When it comes to pools, tile is an excellent choice for walls that feature beautiful waterfalls and fountains. Thanks to the number of styles available, it’s easy to make a splash with your design when you choose tile. From bright, bold blues to natural greens and everything in between, there are tons of tile options that will suit the design you’re looking for.

Want to blend your space with the beauty of nature? Think colors seen in the outdoors with textural elements that help them shine. Prefer a more modern design? Black and white tiles are a top choice for elevating a modern or contemporary look! No matter what your style, an outdoor pool covered with tile will be sure to enhance your outdoor recreation space.

Gorgeous Patios

gorgeous patios

From cozy patios just beyond the back door to patios that encompass an incredible backyard landscape with a view, there’s no end to the number of styles and designs you can create when using tile. Natural wood looks and fun patterns are excellent options and provide a pop of style that can be as modest or over the top as you like. This spring, consider using tile for your outdoor patio to add depth, color, and texture and to create a design that is flawlessly stylish.

Not only is tile beautiful, but it’s also long-lasting! Tile that is specifically rated for outdoor use will be able to handle the test of sunshine, rain, and warm temperatures, which makes it one of the top products for outdoor patios this year. With so many great features to tile, this makes it an easy choice for almost any patio space.

Game Rooms

Whether it’s a room with a pool table or a space with a large entertainment system that features the ultimate gaming experience, a game room is a great recreational space for all ages to enjoy. Hosting small gatherings, holding watch parties, or bringing together a group of kids is simple with a few quick updates to an otherwise unused room or corner space. This spring, why not consider adding a game room or transforming a space to create something uniquely yours?

Rec Rooms

game & rec room floors

As far as rec room flooring goes, carpet is a top choice for these spaces thanks to its softness and warmth. After all, there’s nothing like cozying up with a blanket to watch a new movie or creating a fort on top of a plush, warm carpet.

Plus, with increased durability as well as technology that offers specially engineered fibers that make spills easy to clean, you won’t have to worry about possible damages. Some carpets even include a waterproof backing that makes them water-resistant—it doesn’t get much better than that!

Pool Lounges

pool lounge flooring

Lanes Prairie – Pine in starry night by Aquadura H2O

A pool lounge creates a space full of fun, games, and entertainment and an even better area to host guests and gatherings. Bring a few hors d’oeuvres and your favorite music, and you’ll be on your way to a blast in no time! And what’s even better about in-home pool lounges is that you can channel a unique look to complete the appearance. Go dark and moody or keep it bright depending on your style and personality—it’s up to you!

With all the fun that’s just waiting to be had, there will also come all kinds of mishaps and accidents that can happen in the blink of an eye. That’s why investing in a waterproof floor is a great way to ensure that your home is prepared for messes. And with stunning wood styles available featuring your favorite wood appearance and waterproof features, you won’t have to choose between style and function.

Multifunctional Spaces

Want to make the most of your space? Why not choose a multifunctional room that can be your makeshift craft area, a space for a game of charades, or the perfect spot to build a fort? No matter your favorite activity, a multifunctional space could be just what your home needs to suit your recreational needs. Plus, because you can get a variety of uses out of one room, you may be able to create additional space somewhere else—what’s not to love?

Flex Rooms

flex room flooring

A flex room allows you the space to engage in a variety of activities, and it’s a great addition to a space that you may not know what to do with! Whether you have a huge family that likes to paint arts and crafts, or you want to be prepared for a last-minute evening of giant Jenga, a flex room is one of the easiest spaces to create when uniting stunning flooring and minimal furniture and décor.

Drive your flex space by its intended uses, and you’ll create the perfect canvas for an adventurous, fun-filled night in! Don’t forget to leave plenty of room, a few places to sit, and some multipurpose furniture that will create warmth and drive focus on the activity at hand. And most important, be sure to choose flooring that suits your design goals and can handle your home’s activity levels. Performance flooring is an excellent way to go if you’re considering a flex room of your own thanks to waterproof technology; scratch, scuff, and stain resistance; and an easy maintenance system!

Family Rooms

family room floors

Traditionally known as the family room, this space often offers a comforting place to relax as well as an area for families to gather. Although these uses are great, it’s no secret that the family room often turns into a place to eat, play games, and even host guests. This year, why not create a beautiful family room that helps you set the design tone for the rest of your home?

To create a family room that really speaks to your home, opt for gorgeous flooring and furniture that is cozy and comfortable. Performance flooring doesn’t disappoint with its features and visuals, which makes it a great option for nearly any family room. Toddlers and kids of all ages don’t stand a chance against new technology and designs, and wood looks capture the essence of nature and beauty to create a stunning look, no matter your style! 

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