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Is Hardwood Flooring In The Bathroom Really Worth It?

Benefits Of Hardwood In Bathroom

  • Despite few drawbacks, there are some aesthetic advantages of using hardwood flooring in your bathroom.

Adds Warmth

  • One of the best drawbacks to ceramic tiles is they are chilly, especially during the winter seasons. Since the bathroom is a space where you will go barefoot, it can be an issue. Wood floor bathroom give the room warmer, comfortable underfoot.

Adds Beauty

  • The advantage of hardwood is that it can be quite beautiful. It lends a sense of natural wonder to spaces while providing a unique appeal.
  • Hardwood is a classic choice that has been popular for thousands of years, and it isn’t subject to the vogues and whims of interior designs.
  • No doubt, waterproof wood flooring for bathrooms will draw attention to an elegant space.


  • Properly maintained, hardwood floors are durable and long-lived. These have lifespans of 25 years or more, are common, making hardwood flooring second to just ceramic or stone tile for longevity.
  • When hardwood becomes scratched, you can opt for sanding and refinishing to renew the surface. Engineered hardwood in bathroom with layers added to core layers, is durable but can be a long-lasting floor if you maintain it well.

How To Prevent Damage To Hardwood Flooring?

  • Use tactics aimed to prevent moisture from coming in contact with hardwood. Also, these tactics help prevent water from seeping down through the seams of the subfloor.

Timely Maintenance

  • Keeping strong layers of floor finish is crucial when you have best wood floor for bathroom. It is for the first line of defense, and you need to reapply it in the bathroom. You must pay proper attention to cracks between floorboards, etc.

Use Bath Mats

  • You can place these bath mats at strategic locations, such as outside the bathtub or around the sink.  Catching splashing water droplets from freshly washed feet can prevent floor damage.
  • If the bath mat becomes saturated, ensure you dry air it so it doesn’t hold moisture against the floor. The best bath mats will have a solid rubber or vinyl backing that prevents moisture from passing through.

Install Tub And Shower Surrounds

  • Another way you can stop water damage is by installing surrounds along the perimeter of the bathtub.
  • It can provide a stylish match with other features of your room, but the actual merit is the chance to keep water in its right place- that is not on the hardwood floor.
  • Finally, waterproof hardwood floor in bathroom may be the best flooring in a heavily used bathroom where kids will splash around, and it can be perfect in a guest bath or powder room containing a vanity.

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  • Mar 16, 2021
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