In the realm of residential flooring, where material, color, texture and style options abound, laminates (sometimes called Engineered Flooring) are the true chameleons, with the capability of looking like anything and everything they are not. And Mohawk, with 34 different laminate product lines – that offer more than 200 style options – may very well be the king chameleon.

You want teak plank hardwood in the living room? A Mohawk laminate can do that. Medium-width nutmeg chestnut in the kitchen? Mohawk can do that, too. Weathered grey elm in the bedroom? Stonewood porcelain tiles in the hall? Wide-board vintage driftwood oak in the family room? Mohawk, Mohawk, Mohawk.

It’s all about the design layer, the visible layer of the laminate flooring sandwich, on which virtually any photographic representation can be applied. That chameleon-like capacity for visual versatility provides Mohawk laminate flooring customers with a veritable forest of options.

GenuEdge™ Technology

In an effort to make each plank look as realistic as possible, Mohawk developed GenuEdge™ Technology. GenuEdge rolls the embossed design layer image over the edge of the plank, creating a more realistic three-dimensional appearance of the woodgrain.

Uniclic™ Locking System

Its Uniclic™ Locking System is an advance on the traditional glued tongue-and-groove system that laminates have typically utilized. The Uniclic technology allows the boards to physically click together, speeding up installation and eliminating the mess inherent in glue application.


Mohawk’s ScratchGuard™ process provides increased defense against scratches and abrasion by infusing aluminum crystals in the top layer of the laminate.


Environmentally, Mohawk has been a leader in reducing its impact. The company utilizes fast growing southern pine in its U.S. facilities for the manufacture of the laminate cores.  Additionally, Mohawk relies on a majority of pre-consumer recycled content for the production of its laminates, keeping hundreds of millions of pounds of materials out of landfills each year. And regarding environmental health, Mohawk Laminates are Floorscore Certified. The Floorscore certification system was developed by the independent Resilient Floor Covering Institute to test for volatile organic compounds emissions and to certify for healthy indoor air quality.



Mohawk Flooring gave me the advice that I needed on what to look for in a carpet before ordering. I had special needs and not just any old carpet would work. The installation was super great. It was installed in the living room and two bedrooms and was done all in one day. They were very efficient and quick. The carpet is very nice and pretty. I'm very happy and satisfied with it.”


“We saw Mohawk at a neighbor's place and we liked it. We got flooring for a two-bedroom condo and we did the whole house. It looks good. Not only are we pleased with it, but everybody who sees it is blown away. I'm 77 years old and I grew up with hardwood floors. This modern vinyl planking looks so much like hardwood that I'm pleased.”