Hardwood Custard Ma Maison IIII Regular

1.99 /Sqft

227.36 /Box

23.77 /Sqft/Box

sq ft.
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Product Information: Engineered European Oak Offered in 9 Colors.

Thickness: 9/16” Top Layer 3.5 mm

Width: 9 1/2”Length: 3 '- 86.60 " long

Finish: Wire brushed and finished with European UV Lacquer.

Grade: ABCDSF.

Per Box: 34.50 SF

Wood is a natural material with distinctive characteristics such as mineral streaks, sapping, knots, grain, and color. These differences caused by nature create the warmth, beauty and uniqueness of each hardwood floor. Hardwood floor samples are intended as a visual guide and not as an actual representation of the hardwood floor itself. Every Ma Maison Floor is unique unto itself.