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Your Entry into Entryway Flooring

Your entryway can be key to making a great first impression on anyone setting foot inside your home. If you don’t have the best entryway flooring made to withstand the outdoor messes that are tracked inside, you might end up finding that your floors need to be replaced time and time again to keep them looking nice. As the highest traffic area in your home, your entryway floors constantly take a beating, getting scuffed and kicked by shoes, boots, and heels that are constantly entering and exiting your house. When figuring out which flooring material is right for your entryway or mudroom, there are a few factors to consider:

You’re looking to replace your entryway floors, and you want to make sure you won’t have to replace them again for a long time, so durability is a big factor. You want something designed to last long, even under heavy foot traffic.

  • Maintenance

You want an entryway that is easy to clean. Think about those snowy or rainy days and all the dirt and moisture that can get dragged in. The longer that sits on your floor, the more damage it can do, shortening the lifespan of your floors.

Again, all that moisture being dragged in from outside can quickly damage your floors. There are many waterproof flooring options out there that will help fight off water damage and extend the life and look of your floors. 

  • Comfort

Obviously, floors aren’t the first things that come to mind when you think of comfort. But depending on the material you pick, the wear and tear on your floors can directly relate to the wear and tear on your lower joints. Not to mention if you have any little ones running around, some flooring materials are more fall-friendly than others. 

This one also seems obvious, but certain flooring materials are worse at conducting heat than others, which can lead to chilly toes and even increase the overall cost to heat your home. 

  • Aesthetics

As you review different flooring materials, remember that it’s important to place value on function more so than looks. If you’re shopping based on an existing style, don’t throw all the other factors out the window just to match a pattern or color. Luckily, there are numerous durable options from luxury vinyl to ceramic tile that mimic hardwood looks so you can still access the natural beauty and style you desire.

  • Cost

As always, price is a factor in any home improvement project. Flooring materials range in price by square foot and can vary in installation costs. Don’t forget to factor in the typical lifespan of the flooring material. You may end up spending less over time if your floors are built to last.

With all these factors in mind, you’ll find that some flooring materials stack up better than others.

 hardwood entryway floors

A popular flooring choice for entryways is porcelain or ceramic tile. Because these materials are so strong, they can withstand high foot traffic, and most are easy to clean. They also come in limitless styles, colors, and patterns to help establish your home’s décor as soon as you walk through the door. Between the two tiling materials, porcelain has a slight edge over ceramic in terms of durability, which also means that it typically comes at a higher cost. In addition, that added durability means it’s harder to cut, meaning it is costlier to install. But if you have the budget, it will be money well spent since you won’t be spending more money any time soon to replace your flooring. If you’re going with tile, look into a darker color grout for installation. This can reduce signs of heavy foot traffic, as dirt and grime are likely to collect between the tiles.

ceramic tiles entryway floors 

Another great option for entryways and mudrooms is laminate flooring. Laminate can mimic the traditional look of hardwood floors but in a material that is much easier to clean and longer lasting in a high foot-traffic area. Because laminate flooring is comprised of several layers, it has been designed to stand up better against scratches, stains, and other everyday wear and tear. Plus, just like tile, it comes in lots of different styles and colors to match the rest of your home no matter what. Since it’s easy to install and fairly inexpensive, laminate is a great budget-friendly choice for entryways.

laminated entryway floors

A recent trend picking up steam is concrete flooring. Because of its unmatched durability, this is a great option for any entryway. Once thought of as only a commercial property solution, the starkness of concrete floors is being worked more and more into residential décor. It lasts a lifetime, is easily cleaned, and can stand up to anything you throw at it. While it isn’t as flexible style-wise as the other options, there are a variety of textures and subtle stains you can use to make your concrete floor feel like your own.

If you’re set on making hardwood floors work for your entryway and aren’t interested in laminate, explore engineered hardwood floors. These give the look of hardwood but have extra features built right in. Unlike traditional hardwood, engineered hardwood is more budget-friendly, and many styles are now waterproof. Now, you can elevate your entryway with elegant hardwood that has the durability to last even longer.

engineered hardwood floors for entryway flooring

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