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With proper care, hardwood flooring can stand the test of time and uplift the appearance of homes for generations. One of the most popular trends in recent years is wide plank flooring. Classified as 5” wide and greater, wide plank flooring is gorgeous, timeless, and it is clear that this stunning style is here to stay!AESTHETIC & DESIGN STYLE OF WIDE PLANK FLOORING

For those who love a rustic or traditional design style, wide plank flooring is a fantastic option. With the wider planks, there is more room to showcase the natural beauty of real wood. These charming and distinctive elements (such as knots, splits, and sapwood) add a sense of heritage, warmth, and unique character.

For those who prefer a more refined aesthetic and a contemporary or more modern design style, Select Grade wide plank floors have very few knots and feature a cleaner grain. Lighter toned wide plank floors are especially popular in these design styles.
In large spaces and smaller spaces alike, wide plank flooring can make the space more airy and feel more open. This is especially true with lighter toned flooring. The wider the plank, the fewer seams between boards. This means few interruptions in the pattern of your flooring and in the natural lines of the room.


It is important to note that the wider the plank, the more susceptible the plank is to seasonal expanding and shrinking. While this is normal and to be expected of hardwood floors, engineered floors help to minimize these seasonal changes with an extraordinarily stable multi-ply, cross-grain core. With each layer of wood reinforcing the next, the beautiful aesthetic of wide plank flooring can also be dimensionally stable.

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