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What's Coming Next: 2022 Flooring Trends

The way in which we approach home decorating has significantly changed over the past year. Our homes have become places of refuge and sanctuary, so it is no wonder that we look forward to discovering the latest trends to make them feel more personal and beautiful.

Comforting and Nurturing Spaces

As we’ve been spending more time at home than we used to, more of us have been investing in home improvement projects to make our spaces more beautiful and comforting, and ultimately make us feel better. Creating a homely and cosy environment has become a key focus in home design.

Rectangular Tiles and Larger Sizes 

Larger tiles are becoming more and more popular in the home. Customers are being braver and bolder, and using large tile formats primarily in open-plan layouts to make rooms look and feel even more open and harmonious. Large tile sizes are also ideal for bringing the outside in and visually continuing the outdoor space into the home. Interestingly, we have a bigger demand for rectangular shapes, which feel more natural, and can be easily used with stripping to create a more contemporary look.


One of the main trends for 2022 is authenticity. People are looking for elements of craftsmanship and heritage in the products they choose. Textures play a big role in this trend, helping to give flooring longevity. Our new wood embosses, in particular, give LVT a beautifully aged, reclaimed look, with varied grains and lots of movement. Rustic and painterly features work together to blur the lines between rural homes and urban spaces, adding warmth and cosiness to any room, regardless of its personality or style.



The fusion between Scandi and Japanese design remains a big trend for 2022. Translated into flooring through light and contemporary woods with organic textures, Japandi focuses on bringing out the silver and grey tones to give the space a stylish and minimal yet comforting feel.

Laying Patterns

Flooring patterns can completely change the look of a room. Timeless patterns such as parquet, basket weave and French weave remain popular amongst people wanting to recreate a classic and sumptuous look in their homes. For those wanting to add a statement into their spaces, rug features are becoming more and more popular. Using Victorian-inspired designs or colourful patterns in one single area – such as around the kitchen island, across the hallway or around the fireplace – is a beautiful way to highlight a particular architecture feature or piece of furniture and give the space lots of character.

Stone and Concrete 

We are noticing more fluidity in stone and concrete LVT flooring designs. People are looking to use concrete in a playful way, for example by pairing different kinds. Concrete and stone are also being paired with metal features, bringing the look of these materials to life.

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  • Jan 10, 2022
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