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What Is Exotic Hardwood Flooring?

Installing hardwood flooring is one of the more favoured ways to upgrade a house.  Not only does hardwood provide a durable flooring surface that can withstand the wear and tear of everyday living, it lends a beauty that will often lead to a handsome return on investment.  And while there are several domestic hardwood species to choose from, exotic hardwood is becoming more popular every year.  But what is exotic hardwood flooring?  In this post we’ll answer this question and more. 

What Is Exotic Hardwood Flooring?

Exotic hardwoods are species that don’t originate from North America or Europe.  They’re typically from places such as South America, Africa or Asia.  Because these markets are so broad, it’s impossible to classify exotic hardwood flooring in general terms.  They cover a vast array of colours, grain patterns, hardnesses and textures.  If you’re looking to expand your range of choice when it comes to flooring, taking into account exotic hardwoods is an easy way to do it.

What Are The Benefits Of Exotic Hardwood Flooring?

As mentioned, considering exotic hardwoods as a flooring material greatly expands your range of choice.  If you’re looking for harder woods, more unique grain patterns or deeper, richer colours, exotic hardwoods can surpass domestic species in almost every category.  If uniqueness is high on your desirability list, you’ll find what you’re looking for in the range of exotic hardwoods that are available.

What Are The Drawbacks Of Exotic Hardwood Flooring?

The most immediately noticeable drawback of exotic hardwood flooring is price.  It’s not cheap to harvest and transport wood from the far reaches of the world.  And the customer ends up paying for that.  And although the prices of many exotic hardwoods are coming down as our world becomes more globalized, it’s difficult to compete on price when compared with domestically grown species.  

Another thing a potential buyer needs to be wary of is sustainability.  There’s no doubt that all over the world, there is plenty of virgin forest and jungle that’s being razed in an unsustainable way.  Buyers of exotic hardwoods need to be aware of the provenance of their purchase and ensure they’re being sustainably sourced.  Speak with your dealer about sustainability labeling standards.

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